The enemy of my enemy is not my friend


The death of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and the naming of (former Prince) Abdullah as his successor has thrown the spotlight back on the Saudi regime, if just for a moment. Especially on the close ties that the United States has maintained with this despotic, corrupt, dictatorial regime where women can’t drive or vote and nobody but Muslims can live, pray or exist. Among other things.

Bush and Abdullah may be bosom buddies, and to some people this is fine and dandy because Bin Laden and Al Quaeda are fighting against the Saudi regime.

But this is a deal with the devil – always has been, always will be (as long as it continues). It’s time for Bush to recognize that sometimes the guy fighting the bad guys isn’t a good guy: he’s another kind of bad guy. And the enemy of my enemy, in this case, is not my friend.

Somehow, I doubt that we’ll hear any such speeches from Western leaders at King Fahd’s funeral, though.

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