As if living through the referendums wasn’t bad enough, now we have to suffer through referendum anniversary celebrations???

Quebecers can expect to see pro-sovereignty signs on balconies again, as well as marches, conferences and cultural events over the next six months as the sovereignist movement prepares to mark the 25th and 10th anniversaries of the referendums on Quebec independence.

The Conseil de la souverainete du Quebec has organized several activities designed to prove to Quebecers that the referendums were not failures for the sovereignist movement, but rather important steps in the right direction.

“These two events were significant democratic exercises which advanced the Quebec people toward independence, and the third exercise will be the final one, because we will achieve our goal,” said Gerald Larose, who heads the two-year-old Conseil.

In other words: “we’ll keep asking the question until we get the answer we want”.

Here we go again…

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1 John Palubiski 04.29.05 at 4:54 PM

The only pro-referendum signs you see nowadays are those on the balconies of old-age homes…..right beside faded posters of the fab-four!

So Gerald Larose is leading the crusade? Makes sense! He’s not too bright!

The old coot immanentized the Christian eschaton decades ago.

In other words, embraced Marx.

Therefore, sovereign Québec =’s Catholic heaven. Political solutions for a spiritual malaise.

But silly Jesuit will finish his days as a client( prisoner?) of Québec’s health-care systeme.

A sort of Catholic hell…..


2 half canadian 04.29.05 at 11:12 PM

In other words: “we’ll keep asking the question until we get the answer we want”.

Here we go again…

Which is probably most people’s problem with Quebec.


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