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Still no deals with Jose Theodore or Michael Ryder. Despite strong denials, could there be anything to the Roberto Luongo trade rumours? Let’s hope not. Luongo’s good, and a swap for Theodore might make reasonable sense, but definately not if shoulda-been-rookie-of-the-year Ryder is thrown into the deal.

Most of the Habs’ other key players are already signed, with the exceptions of Andrei Markov and Yanic Perreault. But some key players are only on one-year contracts, including Koivu and Ribeiro. And we haven’t done particularly well in bolstering our team during the off-season. With strengthened rivals within our division, I’m not sure how optimistic I’m feeling right now about our chances. Still, I’m hoping that the team pulls it together.

42 days till the puck drops – it’s getting exciting!

Update 8/26: Markov signed a 2-year deal yesterday. Still nothing on Theo or Ryder.

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