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How to make the United Nations even more useless

How could the U.N. possibly get any more irrelevant than it already is? Well, one way would be to adopt this proposal to enlarge the Security Council from 15 to 25:

Brazil, Germany, Japan and India have introduced a resolution to add six permanent seats to the council, four for themselves and two for Africa, and four nonpermanent seats.

The U.N. is already incapable of getting anything done. The General Assembly is a joke and nobody takes its resolutions seriously. The Security Council still has a teensy little bit of clout… and expanding it would strip that completely away.

Here’s an alternate proposal for true U.N. reform: give the democracies 5 times the number of votes as the dictatorships. That would be a good start, anyway.

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  • just a guy 07.14.05, 7:34 AM

    I want to head the UN.

  • josh 07.14.05, 7:02 PM

    Except for the WHO and unicef (mostly), oh, and maybe our blue bereted peacekeepers, what is the UN good for?

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