More nonsense from the OLF


First, they don’t let qualified nurses work even during a nursing shortage, because they failed a French exam. Now, they won’t let the nurses work because they did too well on that exam:

The message from the Office Quebecois de la langue francaise to anglophone and immigrant nurses is as clear as it is ridiculous: Learn French, but don’t learn it too well. For the second time in as many months, the Office has decided to reject a set of professional test results because they were too good.In both cases, the too-fluent applicants are required to write the darn thing again if they wish to practise their profession in Quebec. The latest victim is Scottish-born Janice Douglas, who works in the emergency room at the Jewish General Hospital. After failing the written part of the test on four previous occasions, Douglas hired a tutor and buckled down and spent three months mastering the intricacies of writing a business letter in French.

On her fifth attempt, she passed with flying colours, which for most people, would be an occasion to celebrate both Douglas’s industry and the competence of her tutor. But not for the Office. It’s not saying she cheated, but it is saying her mark was suspiciously high.

If this nonsense continues, second-language teachers are going to have to teach their students to be mediocre.

Too late, they already are. This really begs the question of what exactly the OLF is trying to accomplish, other than restricting job access to non-Francophones.

Hat tip: Suburban Guy, who comments:

The Office de Measuring Signs says that a person is sometimes asked to rewrite a test when they are suspected of memorizing a text rather than writing a business letter off the top of their head during the exam.Not only do these idiots get paid to measure the size of letters on signs but they can also read people minds and determine whether they actually memorized a text or wrote it off the top of their head.

This is all happening in democratic Quebec.

Ms. Pevreal has told the Brown Shirts err, I mean, the OLF that she would not rewrite the test.

Good on her.

But, the OLF has told her if she doesn’t retake the test she will lose her license to work in Quebec. It’s not good enough that she passed it but they have to make her life a living hell. Why? Because she is not a francophone.


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1 John Palubiski 04.13.05 at 7:27 PM

Where does one even begin with these folks! The only thing I can understand in this whole affair is the OLF’s penchant for the mediocre; anything over and above that and they feel threatened.

With the health-care systeme in tatters, it’s the passé composé that matters!

Can’t go on….just got this laptop and don’t want to throw it against the wall!


2 half canadian 04.14.05 at 12:34 AM

I actually can understand where they are coming from. Statistically speaking, this type of improvement is unlikely, and there is a whole field of study dedicated to this (psychometrics).
It sounds like they have ruled out her hiring a stand-in. If this is the case, the problem lies with the committee for having a poor model for a re-test.
In otherwords, they need to invest in a better test.


3 DaninVan 04.14.05 at 7:51 AM

You’d think they were studying her Doctoral thesis, fercrissake. It’s a simple readin’ writin’ comprehension test! Sure is a good thing there’s a huge surplus of experienced, bilingual, R.N.s in Quebec, eh? (Or anywhere else for that matter..)


4 Hanthala 04.14.05 at 6:24 PM

Waste of money, the OLF. Measuring signs, harassing nurses who can’t write business letters in a style many francophones cannot write in anyway, requesting that dog owners ensure their pets understand french commands (wtf) and just generally making a nuisance of themselves in every workplace (they’d have a field day at mine…can’t seem to find a document that is not franglais!)


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