Quebec’s snoozer budget


The embattled Charest government released its provincial budget this afternoon.

So-called “highlights” include tax cuts – which will basically give me an extra loonie a year – as well as small increases in spending for health and education. Overall this doesn’t seem too bad. The budget is balanced and avoids excessive spending increases in nonsensical areas. It’s the type of budget that will leave everyone whining for more, but was probably the most sensible course of action at this point for a government whose chances of re-election are somewhat smaller than the head of a pin: sensible, not overly political, and ultimately a real snoozer.

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1 John Palubiski 04.22.05 at 4:34 PM

One of my co-workers mentioned that it will mean about 33¢ more per pay.

Just overwhenliming!

Hmmmmm…….. Bahamas or Tahiti?

Full face-lift or chemical peeling?

So many decisions, so many *piasses*


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