Return of the blogger


Paul’s back. And blogging up a storm. Get thee over to his place, quick.

Update: Paul also wins my prize for quote of the day, with this insightful analysis about the Tremblay-versus-Bourque municipal election race:

Do any of you remember that episode of South Park where they’re selecting a new school mascot and are reduced to choosing either a giant douche or a turd sandwich? Life really does imitate art sometimes…

We missed ya, Paul! Sure good to have you back.

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1 Paul Jané 10.28.05 at 6:16 PM

Well, I don’t know about the storm bit, but, other than that, thanks for the warm welcome, Sari. 🙂


2 Paul Jané 10.29.05 at 10:16 PM

And thank you once again. 🙂

(Incidentally, this “prize” of which you speak, what does it include? lol)


3 segacs 10.29.05 at 11:32 PM

Er… how does a link sound?


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