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Soon, Google will own the world

Google launched its new Talk service in Beta. From what I gather, it’s an IM service that allows you to voice call for free. Soon, it will likely be on every computer.

I’m gonna wait a bit, and see if people start switching over from MSN. It wouldn’t surprise me much.

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  • DaninVan 12.09.05, 7:04 PM

    I thought the big deal was ‘Skype’?

    From their Splash Page…
    “After locating prospects on the eHarmony matching service, I began asking them to install Skype on their computers so we could talk for free.
    The first woman (lives in Phoenix) I asked to install and use Skype. Once she got it working, she did all the talking, reading me poetry and telling me stories of her huge extended family. Saturday evening she said “I Love You” and I replied in kind. It feels like we will be married soon and I have to thank Skype for it. This medium is outstanding for the development of any close relationship. The high fidelity and the “getting inside another’s head” factor makes it something beyond the telephone.”

    …poor bastard never had a chance 😉

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