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Terrorist attacks in London

Londoners barely had time to celebrate being awarded the 2012 Olympics before terror struck this morning:

Two people have been killed and scores have been injured after three blasts on the Underground network and another on a double-decker bus in London. UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was “reasonably clear” there had been a series of terrorist attacks.

He said it was “particularly barbaric” that it was timed to coincide with the G8 summit. He is returning to London.

An Islamist website has posted a statement – purportedly from al-Qaeda – claiming it was behind the attacks.

There’s chaos right now and details are sketchy. There seems to be at least six separate attacks within minutes of each other, all in Central London on major buses or tube stations. It’s looking like the numbers of those dead or injured from the attacks is going to rise quickly as details emerge.

This is truly horrifying. Sadly it’s not nearly as shocking anymore as 9/11 was four years ago. The first priority will have to be treating the victims and assessing the damage. But Tony Blair is not likely to back down in the face of terror.

It’s too easy and hyperbolic to call this England’s 9/11, though I’m sure we’ll be hearing some of that shortly as well.

Update: CNN is now reporting at least 40 people dead and hundreds injured. These numbers are sadly sure to climb in the course of the day.

This will be the story everywhere today, without a doubt.

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  • John Palubiski 07.07.05, 2:13 PM

    One report says there are ninety casualties at one subway station alone ( Harry’s Place)

  • DaninVan 07.07.05, 4:25 PM

    I wouldn’t want to be of Islamic persuasion and living in London now.
    This has to be a pivotal moment for Brits; will they continue to support pro-Islamic politicians and journalists or will they react and turn on them.
    I’m not smug about our so far safe history here at home either.

  • josh 07.07.05, 9:10 PM

    I suppose that the French were the hardest hit, perhaps even feel betrayed

    Their supposed arab-friendly sucking up should have had the attacks happen a couple of days earlier so that Paris definitely would’ve won the 2012 games.

    On the other hand, are we being a bit presumptious by automatically blaming the Arabs?

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