Things I love


  • Miss Vickie’s sweet chili and sour cream potato chips. (Thanks a lot for introducing me to this addiction, Andrea. One day I’ll get you back for that… somehow.)
  • The aroma of my parents’ house on a Friday afternoon, when dinner is in the oven. Nothing I cook ever smells that good.
  • Spring arriving in Montreal, and all the people crawling out from underground to reclaim the outdoors. The city comes back to life after a long winter around this time of year, and the feeling in the air is fantastic.
  • A good debate. About almost anything. The kind where you *really* get into it, but nobody takes it personally.
  • Accents. Especially really sexy ones, like Australian, British or South African.
  • Juliette et Chocolat’s hot chocolate. (Ioana, this addiction is your fault.)
  • Travel. It’s my addiction. I may run out of time or money but I know I’ll never run out of world to see.
  • Sleeping in. I love that I can do this now that Downstairs Noisy Neighbours finally turned down the volume of their 6am radio.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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1 Hanthala 04.18.05 at 2:54 AM

C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E. That’s all. Donesn’t really matter where its from as long as its good chocolate. hmmm… but yeah, dark chocolate. Bitter. With toasted alomonds…mmmm…


2 segacs 04.19.05 at 5:13 PM

Finally, something we can agree on! 🙂


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