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Unequivocal condemnation

Damian Penny said it best in reaction to this:

A 19-year-old Israeli soldier opened fire inside a bus Thursday, killing four Israeli Arabs before being killed by an angry mob — the deadliest attack on Arabs in Israel by a Jewish extremist since 1990.

Damian claims there’s “no word for it but terrorism”:

So, will Ken Livingstone or John Pilger make excuses for this because of the gunman’s “desperation”? Don’t hold your breath. (And, of course, they shouldn’t – and neither should defenders of Israel. This act was vile, unforgivable and unjustifiable terrorism.)

No equivocation, no “buts”, no searching for “root causes” or justifications. If I hear any of that I will probably scream.

Edan Natan Zaada’s name should become synonymous with that of Baruch Goldstein or Yigal Amir. They should be universally condemned and reviled by Jews and non-Jews alike. These crazies are not part of my religion or my people. Their acts were unconscionable and there are no excuses. None.

Update: To put it more eloquently:

“I am shamed over the disgrace imposed upon us by a degenerate murderer. You are not part of the community of Israel. You are not part of the democratic camp which we all belong to in this house, and many of the people despise you. You are not partners in the Zionist enterprise. You are a foreign implant. You are an errant weed. Sensible Judaism spits you out. You placed yourself outside the wall of Jewish law. You are a shame on Zionism and an embarrassment to Judaism.”

– then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, in response to Baruch Goldstein’s murder of 29 Palestinians in 1994.

All I can say is, same goes for you, Edan Natan Zaada.

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  • josh 08.05.05, 1:31 AM

    That’s a simple reaction; Refuse to accept that this guy is Jewish. How convenient that I’ll equate this reaction with the equally reviled ultra-orthodox here who think the same about Jewish pig eaters and shabbat defilers. But that’s not okay. This guy killed Arabs, makes Jews look bad, makes ‘me’ look bad, so obviously he’s not part of ‘my’ religion.

    Gotta love the tolerance.

    If anyone thinks that I’m justifying this murder, than no way.

    if you hear anything about Palestinians identifying with the Druze and sharing their sorrow, than please know that the Druze and the Palestinians have a hate-hate relationship. I served in the army with Druze as well as in the reserves, and they can’t stand the Palestinians. Each mention of them is followed by creative cursing, usually about their mothers.
    The Palestinians are quite happy to see the druze get killed. Tonight, there were the usual fireworks at the wedding in the village near my town.

  • John Palubiski 08.05.05, 3:25 PM

    What exactly is a Druze? I know they’re centered in Lebanon and that’s about it

    As for the shooting… it,s telling that Sharon can refer to the killer as a “terrorist”, but the BBC, even after more than fifty deaths on 7/7, still can’t bring itself to employ the term.

  • DaninVan 08.05.05, 5:59 PM

    Josh; sorry, but I’m not really sure what your position is re the first part of your post(?). Sari’s statement was crystal clear and likely mirrors most Canadian’s reactions ( at least the nominally Jewish ones). You were/are on the ‘front line’ and are certainly entitled to a less tolerant p.o.v., if that’s what you were implying.

  • bwas1 08.06.05, 2:42 PM

    You know everywhere I read how terrible it was that this Jew murdered these four innocent civilians. Nowhere do I read about how terrible it was that a Jewish murderer while in custody of police and in handcuffs, was lynched and murdered by an angry murderous mob.
    Why is it we have two standards of conduct one for Jews and another for Arabs?

  • josh 08.06.05, 8:49 PM


    Sari said this, These crazies are not part of my religion or my people

    I think it’s pretty straightforward what that means. My opinion is that Sari is a quickdraw to denial when she thinks she can distance anyone she doesn’t like from ‘her’ religion and people.

    My opinion is that you should accept it and accept it ASAP because THAT is the Jewish thing to do. There are Jewish criminals, murderers, homosexuals, rapists, thieves, aldulters, whatever. If their Mom is Jewish, than so are they.

    But I suppose that it’s easier to tell your friends that ‘that guy’ is not part of your clique. But wait. Why do you fell the need to distance yourself in the first place? He apparently acted alone so why is everyone Jewish (or religious, or anti-expulsion) being dragged into this? 12 million Jews and the knee jerk reaction is to say that ‘he isn’t Jewish’? Yigal Amir, Barauch Goldstein, Shimeon and Levi too (they massacred every living thing in Shechem/Nablus a few thousand years ago), all Jewish.

  • josh 08.06.05, 11:10 PM



    Head Rabbi of Tel Aviv Hevra Kadisha (burial society): No reason to bury Zada ‘outside the fence’.

    Interesting short Q&A in hebrew only. Sorry I can’t translate at this time, except to paraphrase that the Rabbi explains why he shouldn’t be buried ‘outside the fence’ which is a term used to describe Jews who commit suicide who while still buried inside the Jewish cemetary, are interned a cerain distance away from other deceased, but not outside the walls as ignorantly (and commonly) perceived.

    BTW, Rabin’s talk is nauseating. Don’t rely on non-religious people to talk about ‘Jewish law’.

  • DaninVan 08.07.05, 5:28 PM

    Ok, Josh. But what’s good for the goose etc. The whole issue of Islamist terrorists has shone a very bright light on the LACK of outrage from mainstream Islam. Even after the London attacks, many of the Muslims issuing statements were fudging on the ‘disapproval’.
    I know many Israelis are onboard “The only good Arab is a dead Arab” bus but that doesn’t sit well with non-Israeli Jews. I/we recognize that the majority of Arabs are victims of their own culture and are no more able to escape it than you are of the daily risks associated with having them as neighbors.
    As I said in my original post, I accept that you’re going to have a much less tolerant p.o.v., and that’s completely justifiable, considering that you’re under seige.
    From HERE, Sari’s statement is right on the money.

  • josh 08.07.05, 10:40 PM

    I’m sorry there are still Jews stuck over THERE.

    I hope you realize sooner than later that a Jew’s place is only in Israel.

  • DaninVan 08.08.05, 12:06 AM

    a) there isn’t enough room for us all over There
    b) we’re needed over Here to run the World Jewish Conspiracy
    c) if we all left, who’d run Hollywood?
    d) I LIKE it here! (well, except for the Federal liberals…)
    e) just to hedge my bets, I sent my sister to hold some seats for us


  • Tré 08.08.05, 5:34 PM

    Victims of their own culture? Welcome to the new racism.

  • DaninVan 08.09.05, 1:30 AM

    Whoop…whoop..whoop …All hands on deck to repel Troll

  • josh 08.09.05, 9:40 PM

    a) there isn’t enough room for us all over There

    more room than you think.

    b) we’re needed over Here to run the World Jewish Conspiracy

    the latest theory is that after the next war, the world will be run from Israel. Didn’t you get the newsletter in the mail?

    c) if we all left, who’d run Hollywood?

    Admit it, hollywood sucks now. The future is in subliminal control over young minds through video games. But that industry is in montreal.

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