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Courtesy of Meryl Yourish:

On the serious side, it appears that W. isn’t going to get the fact that Ma’ale Adunim is a neighborhood of Jerusalem, not a “settlement” in the West Bank (think Queens in NYC for a comparison, or the south side of Richmond, which is actually fifteen minutes away from downtown yet is still part of the city, and I have the tax bills to prove it), and then tell the PA to eff off. Because Ariel Sharon isn’t giving it up, nor will the rest of Israel.

Jerusalem was out of Jewish control for nearly two millennia. We will never willingly give it up again, since we had the proof during Jordanian control, when they were legally obligated by treaty to let Jews worship at the Western Wall and did not, that the Arabs cannot be trusted to let Jews worship at our holy sites — even though Jews have let Muslims worship at theirs since 1967, and indeed, enacted a law protecting all holy sites.

In fact, the Jordanians destroyed much of Jewish Jerusalem while they were in control.

Here’s the thing: The Arabs lost the war. Now they lose some territory. It happens. Deal with it.

Ah yes, cause they’ve been “dealing with it” oh-so-well for all these years.

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1 John Palubiski 04.13.05 at 7:33 PM

Common sense tells you it’s illegal to build a Mosque on someone else’s holy site.


2 segacs 04.13.05 at 8:54 PM

John, “illegal” is one of those relativist terms that becomes meaningless when you consider that it just means breaking the laws of the current ruler.


3 DaninVan 04.13.05 at 9:42 PM

Now, putting a Starbucks up there, THAT would be criminal…


4 josh 04.14.05 at 10:48 AM

Don’t forget that Burger King Int’l tried to get the franchise in Ma’ale Adumim removed after some ‘people’ let them know it offended them.

Is Yourish pro-retreat from Gush Katif or not? I get the feeling that we have another pro-delusion supporter here.

When will more Jews understand that the ‘world’ doesn’t see any difference between Neve Dekalim in Gush Katif and Maaleh Adumim. It is delusionary to think that if we do in fact leave this chunk of land in the summer, the ‘world’ will not hesitate to make us leave more parts of Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Deputy PM Olmert is already on the record of saying that if the government sees good progress during the upcoming juderhein, then they will use that immediate momentum to retreat from more Jewish towns after the primary mission is done.


5 Ikram 04.14.05 at 5:28 PM

How about an opinion Sari? Do you agree with Yourish that might makes right? Do you think that all areas within 15 minutes driving distance of Jerusalem should be annexed to Israel (keeping in mind how small the West Bank is)?


6 segacs 04.14.05 at 5:51 PM

How about trying this: when you ask me an opinion, attempt to avoid mis-stating my words and spinning them 180 degrees beforehand. Seriously: “all areas within 15 minutes driving distance of Jerusalem”? Who said that now, me or you?


7 half canadian 04.15.05 at 12:32 AM

Personally, I’d have thought that the end of the ’67 war would have decided the matter. Kind of like the Plains of Abraham decided matters back yonder.
How silly of me on both counts.


8 Ikram 04.19.05 at 4:44 PM

Yourish wrote about fifteen minutes driving time. You wrote nothing on the matter. Which is why I asked you for your views.

NYtimes has maps of Maale Adumim and some of the West Bank (or is it Judea and Samaria!) territory Israel may want to keep in the final status neg. The border streches half way to Jordan. And including the Ariel block in ISrael chops the north end of the West bank nearly in two. It’s not a picture of a viable Palestinian state.

Half-Canadian: Plains of Abraham decided the issue? Then what were the last two referendums about? Remember the ‘revenge of the cradle’? If the ’67 war decided the issue like the Plains of Abraham did, Israelis better start preparing for language laws that prohibit Hebrew!


9 Mark Fox 04.19.05 at 5:30 PM


Is halfway to the Jordan more or less than the 9 miles from Netanya to the West Bank? What exactly is needed for a viable state?


10 sophia 04.23.05 at 9:58 PM

Here’s the thing: The Arabs lost the war. Israel occupies territory heavily populated by Arabs. They resist. It happens. Deal with it.


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