What are they thinking???


Buried in an article lauding the success of the FINA world championships here in Montreal is this seemingly throwaway tidbit:

Then Tremblay raised another possibility yesterday, telling reporters earlier in the day this city might bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games on the 40th anniversary of the costly 1976 Games and hinting he might make a more concrete announcement during his remarks at the closing ceremony.

All Tremblay said, however, was Montreal would not wait another 30 years to meet the world again.

Is he nuts????

Montreal is finally going to finish paying off the Big Owe next year, 30 years after the fiasco of the 1976 games. And now, just as we’re finally climbing out of debt, Tremblay wants to send us zooming right back into it? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Sure, I cheered when Vancouver was awarded the 2010 games. Canadian pride and all. But I’m not delusional. A 2016 Montreal bid would surely be futile, since what makes Tremblay think that Canada would be awarded two Olympic games in the same decade is beyond me. But even a failed bid is costly. Just look at what cities like Paris and New York just spent to lose the 2012 Games.

Memo to Tremblay: you may be soaring high right now because we managed to host a relatively minor sporting event without bleeding massive sums of cash. But you really need to get over your delusion that this means Montreal is invincible.

Someone please, please take Tremblay’s ego down a peg before it’s too late.

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1 John Palubiski 08.02.05 at 3:26 PM

Exactly! We win a few medals in a two-bit minor sporting competition and calls go out for “Big Owe II”.


I would like to ask Monsieur Le Maire one question, though. What ever happened to concept of *concordia salus*; the tradition that saw the mayorship alterante between an anglophone and a francophone? For the first hundred years after Montréal’s incorporation as a city it was standard practice to alternate between a franco and an anglo at city hall.

So which brave souls amongst you would be willing to support my candidature for mayor?

Yeah, I figured you’d all prefer “Big Owe II”!


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