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Momentary time-out from the tension of the Middle East to note that today was a banner day for the Habs. Not only did Gainey secure the netminders by signing both Danis and Aebischer (despite widespread speculation that Aebischer would be traded), we also signed free-agent Sergei Samsonov, adding a key player up front.

In other big news, Zednik won’t be back next season; after a disappointing year, the Z-man is off to Washington.

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1 John Palubiski 07.14.06 at 5:39 PM

Welcome back!


2 DaninVan 07.14.06 at 6:48 PM

Hot Damn! Nice of you to send out invitations, Sari!
(Thanks for the ‘heads up’, JohnP)
*rolls up sleeves* ” There’s work to be done here; puns to be punned…”

…oooohh, I just discovered the “Add image” icon above *insert Cheshire grin here*


3 DaninVan 07.14.06 at 6:51 PM

….and SMILIES!!!! :+:


4 segacs 07.14.06 at 8:35 PM

Hey welcome back guys. I did post a lengthy “I’m back!” announcement post. But as you know the site has no mailing list, so I figured you guys would surf on over here eventually.


5 DaninVan 07.15.06 at 12:26 AM

Hey; how about contacting your Israeli posters and letting them know you’re back? Meryl also? And don’t forget to join in at Damian’s!

What are the ground rules on the pic thing?…I mean, other than the obvious one 😮


6 DaninVan 07.15.06 at 12:32 AM
7 John Palubiski 07.16.06 at 5:15 PM

Yeah, HaloScan is improving. We can indulge ourselves with a bigger selection of images.

Doubt it’ll improve my intelligence, though….


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