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Sorry for the lack of weightier posts since my return to blogging. You surf over here looking for Gilad Shalit or North Korea, and instead you get treated to googling and hockey talk.

Well, I make no apologies, but I do have plenty of good excuses.

For one thing, it’s bloody hot outside and, by extension, in here. Too hot to think, let alone rant.

For another, I’m still not caught up on the main news headlines since I’ve been away, let alone on all the zillions of bloggers who have been covering them. The travel bubble is all-encompassing, and it’s ironically easier to learn about what’s going on “out there” while “in here”.

Besides, the news is kind of like a bad soap opera: stop reading it for a few months and pick it up again, and you’ll realize that nothing much has changed. Same shit, different day. Frankly, it’s exhausting.

So I’ll probably be blogging about fluff for a while yet. But hey, it’s summer, we can all use a little lighter fare these days, right? If not, you know where to go for your servings of meat.

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