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Ice Storm 2006?

Okay, so it’s not nearly as dramatic as Ice Storm 98. But today’s freezing rain left the trees beautiful but the houses dark.

Driving through the darkened streets was eerie, with a Halloween-like effect as the ice-laden tree branches shone in the reflection of headlights. Dinner with the folks was by candlelight – luckily it was cooked by the time the lights went out. And those with generators are finding that their lights act as beacons to neighbours seeking the use of a stove or a battery charger.

It’s only been a few hours so far, but most people in the dark pockets are already digging in for the long haul, as there’s no word when Loto-Hydro will have things up and running again.

Luckily I seem to still have power (knock wood) so I’m hoping things stay lit and warm here. And the trees really are beautiful; if the ice hasn’t melted off them by tomorrow, I’ll try to get some photos in the daylight.

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