Madonna saves the children


Seems everyone’s jumping on the adopt-a-baby-from-a-poor-country celebrity bandwagon these days. The latest participant in this media circus is Madonna, who seems to have adopted a Malawian boy along with her husband, Guy Ritchie, while on a tour for her various charity projects.

I’m sure that, mixed in somewhere with her publicity-seeking media hogging behaviour, Madonna is trying to do some good in Africa, even if accidentally. But my sense is that Madonna knows about as much about poverty in Malawi as she does about the Kabbalah. In other words, not a whole lot. At least Angelina Jolie is sincerely involved in child poverty and refugee causes, and does a lot of work under the radar. On the other hand, Madonna seems to be just looking for the next new fad to fill whatever emptiness she has in her life. I feel bad for her kids – all of them.

If you want an interesting and informative perspective about Malawi from someone who’s actually spent some real time there, outside the presence of TV cameras, read this.

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1 John Palubiski 10.12.06 at 7:53 PM

You know, there are many, many charities that will provide Third-World children with three squares a day and an education for only about 35 bucks a month.

Had Madonna really wanted to help the poor and malnourished she’s set aside…say….1% of her monthly income ( about 10,000$) and spend it on these types of operations.

This current adopt-an-orphan business seems to be the latest rage among the glitter set. Trendy and nothing more.


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