Negative campaigning


Last night’s “top story” on the news was all about how the campaign has taken a “negative turn” with the new Liberal attack ads on the Tories.

Now, there’s very little dispute that the Liberal campaign has been terribly run. These ads are a bit of a running joke, especially to those of us in the business. And they’re fun to parody and are probably hurting the Liberals more than helping them.

But since when is the negative tone of this campaign “news”? The Tory ads have all attacked the Liberals from day one. They were better ads, granted, but they still spoke exclusively of how bad the Liberals were and had nothing to say about the Tories or their platforms. This has been an attack campaign since the beginning; the only difference is that now the Liberals have climbed into the ring. And if these are their “knockout punches”, Paul Martin’s team is in big trouble.

In the meantime, the Tories have their own troubles, with the news that one of their candidates has been charged with smuggling. The Tories claim they didn’t know, which is probably true. But if they’re going to run a campaign attacking Paul Martin’s claim that he didn’t know about the sponsorship money, at the very least they ought to react to this with more than a “it’s not our fault, we didn’t know”.

And as the two parties throw mud at one another, here in Quebec, Gilles Duceppe is using the opportunity to build support for sovereignty. Regardless of the result of the federal election, the news for Quebec looks bleak.

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1 Dennis 01.12.06 at 10:47 PM

No matter what, I don’t think we really have good choices this election, it’s who we dislike the least.


2 Michael 01.13.06 at 2:13 AM

I agree that all 4 principal candidates are mediocre. But one thing is clear: the Liberals must go. They are arrogant and have gotten away with murder.

I would pefer Harper, but I would vote NDP, Bloc or even Green before I would vote Liberal.


3 DaninVan 01.13.06 at 3:42 AM

If I were Leader I’d have banished him from the party for his haircut alone!


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