Opportunism? So what?


So what if Harper’s timing on calling these by-elections is a little – er – strategic? He’s a politician, that’s what he does. And, need I remind anyone, that’s what any other party would do as well. No sense in acting like there are any politicians out there who aren’t interested in vying for, holding onto, or increasing their power.

But the more important question we should be asking is, why are all the Liberal leadership candidates so unimpressive and ineffectual that they need to whine about by-election timing to deflect attention away from their snoozer of a race?

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1 Ikram 10.25.06 at 4:31 PM

Are you going to make the switch? Like Heather Reisman and Ariela Cotler?


2 segacs 10.25.06 at 7:35 PM

The by-elections aren’t in my riding… and anyway, I think you already know the answer to that one. (If not, see the archives).


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