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Some of you may be wondering…

why blogging has been so light lately.

Well, it has to do with a rarely-mentioned topic on this blog: Real life. I just started a new job, and things have been pretty hectic.

That’s my excuse, anyway. The truth is, the only news I can bear to watch these days is the faux-news of the Stewart and Colbert variety. I’ve been getting headaches again when I try to watch anything else, so it’s time for a breather.

If you are intent on getting the blood pressure to skyrocket, however, I suggest checking out the links in the blogroll on the lefthand side of this page. Meanwhile, I’m still around and posting, but expect things to be spotty for a bit until I get back on track. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • Johhny Steinbacker 10.06.06, 8:42 AM

    I like cheese

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