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The vote to end all votes?

Well, maybe. Or maybe not. Nobody seems to know for sure what the results of a vote on whether to re-open the gay marriage debate in Parliament will mean, other than that Stephen Harper will notch one more promise onto his belt that he can claim to have kept.

I suppose the Tories need to do this, get past it, and get on with things; Harper is probably even secretly grateful that it’s likely they’ll lose. Despite his personal convictions, the last thing he wants is a divisive fight on the issue and lengthy court battles. Then again, the timing makes me wonder whether he’s just trying to mobilize his conservative base ahead of an election.

In any case, the motion will probably be easily defeated. Here’s hoping people can get over it at that point and get on with things, and that they don’t allow this to devolve into a neverendum-referendum situation. The Quebec sovereignty issue is already one thing too many that refuses to go away. We don’t need another.

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  • Michael 11.25.06, 3:19 AM

    I hope that the motion passes, and that once and for all we can ban gay marriage and we can all get on with our lives. Kudos to Harper for keeping a promise and for taking a stand for humanity and morality.

  • segacs 11.25.06, 7:57 PM

    Now you’re just doing it on purpose to try to provoke a reaction in me… 😛

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