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“You look skinny. Eat something!”

No, not the words of a typical Jewish bubby – it’s the Israeli fashion industry urging too-thin models to put on some weight:

Top Israeli retail companies have agreed not to employ overly thin models for their advertisements, joining a growing global campaign to fight anorexia within the fashion industry.

Adi Barkan, a leading fashion photographer, said he had secured commitments from firms that account for 60 percent of advertising volume in Israel to turn away models whose body mass index — the ratio of height to weight — is less than 18.

And just in time for the holidays, too! All those models’ parents will be so happy when they ask for second helpings of potato kugel this weekend…

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  • DaninVan 09.26.06, 3:35 AM

    It’s not the eating it that’s the problem; it’s the cookie tossing following the meal…

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