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The province-wide racist rant-fest, under its guise of “reasonable accommodation” hearings, continues – this time, with some charming remarks from the folks in St-Jerome:

“It’s really a mentality that’s separate,” St. Hippolyte resident Lise Casavant said of the Hasidism, adding that immigrants should sign a new Quebec citizenship charter “or choose another province,” a sentiment several other speakers also evoked.

John Saywell, of Argenteuil, said when he hears a Hasidic Jewish leader speaking only in English on the TV news, he thinks it’s wrong. The community should make the effort to speak French, he said.

And Lise Provencher, of St. Jerome, said immigrants are “buying their way in” to Quebec and that Jews are the worst because they’re “the most powerful. … It’s always been said that the Jews are the trampoline of money in the world.” After she spoke, the crowd applauded.

It’s useful to remember, at times like these, that – despite the vast quantities of media coverage seemingly indicating the contrary – the small subset of people who actually show up to these sorts of forums to spew their hatred are not representative of the population at large. Thankfully.

But then, if that’s the case, what exactly is the province spending all the money on these hearings for, anyway?

Update: Michaelle Jean thinks this debate is “healthy”.

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1 josh 09.25.07 at 9:00 PM

I’ve been telling you a while now that the era of Jews in the diaspora is winding up.

In the past, maybe the goyim did have a case for us controlling the world because a lot of major companies and industries were owned by Jews. But since then, many, if not most, have been sold or placed on the stock market and the major Jewish entrepreneurial leaders of the past are fading away. In general, the worldwide trend of consolidation of all companies will continue until there are only a few massive super-corporations leaving society full of many workers and much less leaders.

With that said, if people are still saying that we control the world (besides the fact that such a facebook group does exist), and regurgitating the anti-semitic rants of the past, then the only conclusion is that anti-semitism is much more than something rationale that can be fought or rather reduced more than has already been done in the last 60 years.

It’s useful to remember rather, that one should not assume that these people are really only a tiny minority. Frankly, the Germans thought the same of the Nazis until it was too late for them to wake up.


2 segacs 09.27.07 at 3:30 AM

Has nobody heard of Godwin’s Law anymore???


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