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Beckham moves to La La Land

The world’s most famous footballer, David Beckham, announced yesterday that he’s leaving Madrid to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy in the rich-in-cash, poor-in-fan support MLS.

Beckham claims the reason for his move is to promote soccer to American kids. I’m thinking it may have more to do with the lure of some of Beckham’s favourite things: glitz, glitter, glamour and celebrity.

Not to mention the 5-year deal worth $250 million – one of the largest ever awarded to any sports player anywhere. Of course, the money is more for his profile off the field than for his talent on it, which makes me wonder why the MLS bothered changing their salary cap rules to allow for signing him at all when they could have simply offered him a massive celebrity endorsement contract.

In any case, he’s on his way. And while it’s debatable how much of a boost he’ll provide to American soccer, it’s a certainty that he – and his Spice-girl wife – will provide an immediate boost to the paparazzi industry.

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