If only he’d watched more Molson Canadian commercials…


The Canadian blogosphere is abuzz today about Barack Obama’s gaffe:

U.S. Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama has been trying to burnish his foreign policy credentials. So it didn’t help when he called Canada’s leader a “president” during a debate Tuesday.

Asked what he’d do about the North American trade deal, Obama said it needs changes, so he’d “immediately call the president of Mexico (and) the president of Canada.”

A mistake worthy of… Dubya Bush.

To some people, this might indicate that Obama should spend more time reading up on the governmental systems of the different countries of the world, particularly the US’s neighbours.

To me, it just indicates that he clearly hasn’t heard Joe’s rant.

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1 machael 05.13.09 at 2:36 PM

hi dear, i just don’t how to say, i can’t agree with you any more!


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