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Perfect timing

After nearly a decade of merrily driving myself around, polluting with impunity (okay, I drive a Civic, it’s not *that* bad), as of this month I’m once again on the BMW transit plan: Bus, Metro, Walk.

Of course, that’s perfect timing for the transit workers to go on strike:

Any time after Victoria Day, you might be packed like an oily sardine into a sweaty, swaying metro car.

You could also be forced to cool your heels and watch a succession of jam-packed buses zip by your regular bus stop before you manage to shoehorn yourself aboard one of them.

If – or when – that happens starting two weeks from today, take a deep breath and remember one thing: In Quebec, this is the law.

Under legislation dating to 1982, “the welfare or the comfort of citizens” cannot be given any weight when the Quebec Essential Services Council rules exactly how to implement essential rush-hour metro and bus services on Montreal Island, council spokesperson Celine Jacob said yesterday.

That’s assuming the transit-maintenance union carries out its threat to launch its second strike in less than four years.

Timing is, as they say, everything. Here’s hoping the union caves in the face of public pressure before I’m forced to sleep at my desk.

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  • RN2B 05.09.07, 9:10 PM

    What happened to your car anyway?

  • segacs 05.10.07, 4:55 AM

    Car’s fine. Parking near work, not so much.

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