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And North of the border…

A massive ice shelf has broken away from Ellesmere Island, in Arctic Canada… just further evidence that we’re soon going to have the climate of the tropics.

And just in time for an election, too! Stephane Dion ought to be all over this news. Except that polls still put Harper ahead, with Dion’s personal numbers trailing those of even Jack Layton:

The Ipsos Reid Poll, in the National Post newspaper, showed 50 percent of those polled viewed Harper as the best leader. Jack Layton, leader of the left-wing New Democrats, followed with 31 percent support, while Liberal Leader Stephane Dion trailed a distant third with only 20 percent.

If Dion can’t even convert real environmental news into polling numbers, it doesn’t bode well for the Liberals. Time for Dion to dust off his resume; his days as Liberal leader are numbered.

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