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Montreal, Tel Aviv named among world’s top party cities

This according to Lonely Planet, which released its annual list of top 10 party cities a few weeks ago.

Montreal ranked in second place:

Easygoing Montreal is increasingly popular with foreign travellers, who enjoy the joie de vivre of a place with bilingual ambience, good local beer and even skiing at nearby Mt Royal. Montreal’s irrepressible student population and atmospheric old quarter give the city a light-hearted, Bohemian air. There are Old World cafes, cool jazz clubs, packed discos and late bars to choose from, plus a popular comedy festival each July.

And perhaps more surprisingly – not to those of us who’ve been there, of course, but in the face of the public perception of those whose picture of Israel comes solely from media headlines – Tel Aviv made the list at #10:

Like elsewhere in the Mediterranean, Israel’s second largest city gets going late. The endless bars, pubs and cocktail venues start to fill up by midnight, from which point the nightclubs get revved up with dancing till dawn. Nowadays an international crowd joins Israelis for a mixed bag of funk, pop, house and techno at the city’s dozens of entertainment hotspots. Tel Aviv has a relaxed air, and prides itself on being gay-friendly and outgoing.

Belgrade, Serbia claimed the top spot. Rounding out the Top 10 were Buenos Aires, Dubai, Thessaloniki, La Paz, Cape Town, (surprisingly) Baku, and Auckland.

Some of these may be debatable, but Tel Aviv’s inclusion on the list is a nice sign, especially considering the bad press Israel often gets in the backpacker community.

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  • Chris Allen 12.08.09, 5:19 PM

    La Paz?!??!

  • Alex Uher 12.08.09, 5:54 PM

    Although I've never been there, La Paz made me bust out laughing as well. Random. Beograd is a great party town….Nice!

  • Chris Allen 12.08.09, 5:56 PM

    Where's Beirut?

  • segacs 12.08.09, 7:13 PM

    Beirut was already named best party city by CNN. Time for someplace else to get the glory, no?And yeah, La Paz kind of surprised me. So did Auckland.

  • Alex Uher 12.08.09, 7:15 PM

    Indianapolis, IN too?? What a bizarre choice.

  • Chris Allen 12.08.09, 7:19 PM

    Indianapolis??? Okay, I'm convinced that some people who write these articles are poseurs that don't even own a passport.I've heard that New Zealand is great, but I've heard from other travelers that Auckland itself is a pretty bland city.

  • segacs 12.08.09, 7:22 PM

    @Alex, where do you see Indianapolis?@Chris, yep, that was my feeling in NZ too. Amazing country, once you got anywhere outside of Auckland.

  • Alex Uher 12.08.09, 7:24 PM

    I know right?? Indianapolis at #7 – so bizarre…. I've always imagined NZ to be a place you go for the outdoors. Interesting….As far as party cities, hard to not include Vegas on there too…..weird.. and Praha…Sari – i see it at #7??

  • Susan Patrick 12.08.09, 7:39 PM

    Two words: Gencon Indy. We gamers know how to par-tay! Oh yeah, and there's some car race there too every summer…

  • segacs 12.08.09, 7:42 PM

    Huh? #7 was Cape Town. Indianapolis didn't make the list. Unless you're referring to a different list.

  • Alex Uher 12.08.09, 7:46 PM

    @Sari – weird !

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