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Wait your turn

Allegations that the Calgary Flames cut in line for the H1N1 vaccine:

The provincial health minister wants to know if swine flu shots were “inappropriately diverted” to the Calgary Flames while thousands had to stand in line for hours for the vaccine.

Alberta Health Minister Ron Liepert says he doesn’t know where the NHL team got the vaccine, adding that Alberta Health Services is the only supplier in the province. Team president Ken King says the club contacted the department and asked for the clinic.

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Alberta’s opposition parties say professional hockey players shouldn’t be getting the vaccine ahead of cancer patients and pregnant women.

Or, more importantly, ahead of other NHL teams like the Montreal Canadiens.

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  • Andrea Evoy 11.05.09, 10:46 PM

    Ugh. Here, the Raptors and some other team (?maybe the Leafs but I don't remember) also jumped the queue. Statement from one of the selfish millionaires: "We're sorta high risk, with all the meeting with the public and interviews and stuff."Oh boohoohoo. Not that it should be that big a deal, as contrary to what's being said, there's not exactly a shortage. I'm not vaccinating people here as we don't have it in the clinic, but we have a huge supply and it's just manpower at this point, enough hands to get in in the arms in question. For you, sadly Canada's not doing the intranasal live-attenuated, but if you're back in the states, it might be worth the $$ and time.

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