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120 things to do in 2010: Wrap-Up

With only a day left until the end of 2010, it’s now time to once again pull out this list, which consisted of my 120 New Year’s resolutions for the year.

At halftime in July, I’d managed to accomplish 46% of the things on the list. How did I do in the second half with the other 54%? Well, let’s see.

  1. Go to Morocco. – Made it there, thanks to volcano, almost didn’t make it back
  2. Go camping at least twice next summer. – does camping out on a couch count?
  3. Find my dream apartment and move into it. – don’t know if it’s my dream, exactly, but it’s a vast improvement and I’m officially moved in as of last week – just under the wire
  4. Get my own washer/dryer and finally stop dragging my laundry around like a friggin’ nomad. – new apartment has ’em both
  5. Get a dishwasher. – new place has got one of those too
  6. Replace my 12-year-old car with something newer and zippier. – zoom zoom 🙂
  7. …or else get rid of it and join CommunAuto. – opted for the new car instead
  8. Successfully fight that unfair, BS speeding ticket. – court date hasn’t happened yet; stay tuned
  9. Complete and edit my NaNoWriMo 2009 project. – um, not so much
  10. Participate in NaNoWriMo 2010. – sat this year out
  11. …and win. – you can’t win if you don’t play
  12. Buy those new dishes I was eyeing at the Ottawa kitchen store. – and I love ’em
  13. Buy a spice rack.new kitchen, new spice rack
  14. Paint my kitchen yellow. (I’ve always wanted a yellow kitchen, for some reason.) – not yet, but I intend to this spring
  15. Go skiing at least three times. – I’ve been skiing for the past five days straight, so I’d say I killed that one
  16. Go snowshoeing.
  17. Visit Cathy. – and Casey, of course
  18. Visit Andrea and Jim. – yay Mars!
  19. Convince Andrea and Jim to come visit more often. – mission accomplished
  20. Host Etrek Montreal-fest 2010. – y’all are welcome
  21. Eat breakfast (other than coffee) more days than not. – coffee and a granola bar counts, right?
  22. Buy a vegetable steamer.
  23. Find a new volunteer project.
  24. Celebrate Canada Day someplace where people are actually happy to be Canadian. – yay Mars 🙂
  25. …with fireworks. – yay Martian neighbours 🙂
  26. …and some typically Canadian music like Blue Rodeo or Great Big Sea. – when I’m up I can’t get down
  27. Buy new socks and throw out the ones with holes in them.
  28. Reprise Buy Nothing Week.
  29. Roast marshmellows over a fireplace. – does a backyard fire pit count?
  30. Have a board game brunch. – several times over
  31. Eat crepes at CDL. – mmm, crepes
  32. Host a wine and cheese. – mmm, cheese
  33. Host a fondue party.
  34. Make homemade sushi.
  35. Play poker.
  36. …and win.
  37. Finish reading Don Quixote. – I gave up
  38. …in time for the January book club meet-up. – yeah, not so much
  39. Watch the rest of the UK version of Life On Mars. – haven’t had a chance to yet
  40. Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – but of course
  41. …and fail to remember much about it later. – wow, I was far too sober this year
  42. Turn 30. – kinda inevitable
  43. …with minimal freaking out. – 30 actually feels pretty good
  44. Go to New York City. (I heart NY).great mother-daughter trip this past fall
  45. Go to Quebec City. – didn’t make it there this year, sadly
  46. Get through the winter without succumbing to the winter blahs. – it was a short winter, so that helped
  47. …and weighing less than I do now. – hah!
  48. Win tickets to something on the radio. – haven’t really tried
  49. Get a letter to the editor published in the newspaper. – haven’t submitted any. Wow, I’m lazy!
  50. Attend the Salon Passion Chocolat. – missed it
  51. …and the Jazz Fest. – yep
  52. …and the Comedy Fest. – Tim Minchin rules!
  53. …and Bluesfest Ottawa. Great Big Sea
  54. …and Nuit Blanche. – it was too bloody cold
  55. …and the FrancoFolies. – it rocked
  56. …and FantasiaFest. – that film was weird
  57. …and a bunch of other festivals. – Beerfest!
  58. Keep walking to work every day, as long as I live within walking distance. – it’s the only way to travel
  59. Pack lunches and avoid the takeout trap. – managing on average four out of five days – not too shabby
  60. Pay someone an undeserved compliment. – won’t say who
  61. Learn to sew well enough to hem my own pant legs and sleeves. – my tailor can rest assured he’ll still be getting lots of business from me in 2011
  62. Don’t get the flu. – epic FAIL
  63. Call my grandfather. – often
  64. Learn CSS.
  65. …and update the look and feel of this blog so it’s not so ugly. -sorry, folks, still uglyville
  66. Blog more often.
  67. Read the Israeli news headlines more regularly. – in spurts, but I try to keep up
  68. …in Hebrew, to keep my language skills from going completely rusty. – I think my reading skills are nearly gone, sadly
  69. …and listen to online radio or watch online TV broadcasts in Hebrew, too, for the same reason. – doing better on this score
  70. Update my online (Flickr) photo albums. – mostly up to date
  71. Update my offline (printed) photo albums. – yeah, not so much
  72. Buy fruits and veggies from the farmers’ markets instead of the supermarket. – I heart Marche Jean-Talon
  73. Vote. – there haven’t been any elections
  74. …in an election where my vote actually makes a difference. – yeah, like that’ll happen
  75. Visit the Contemporary Arts Museum on freebie Wednesday.
  76. Go to at least one rock concert.went to three, by my count
  77. …by a band that has been around for less than 15 years. – KT Tunstall in November
  78. Watch the Cannes Lions winning ads.
  79. Carry on an entire conversation with a francophone without letting on that I’m anglo. – this works better in Morocco (and in France) than it does in Montreal
  80. Try 10 new restaurants in Montreal. – I’ve lost count but surely it’s been more than 10
  81. Find a good answer to the inevitable questions about my name that doesn’t involve exasperation, or a long backstory. – it’s like Sara, with an i
  82. Clean the oven.
  83. …using baking soda (?) sorry Urban Green Girl, but it doesn’t work as well as you said it would
  84. Organize my DVD collection.
  85. Set out to buy clothes and actually end up with clothes. – some of them are even pink
  86. …and no shoes. – I think I did this once
  87. Master the art of the experience brief. – I didn’t, but Jasmin is working on it
  88. Get more (consumer) insightful. – oh, definitely
  89. Retrieve my old electric keyboard and actually remind myself how to play it.
  90. Reduce the procrastination to a manageable level. Sporcle is evil
  91. Pay my taxes. – they come off my paycheque automatically, so this one has been easy
  92. …and put the refund towards travel. – see #1
  93. Win my 2009-10 fantasy hockey pool. – I placed second
  94. Draft Ovi in the 2010-11 fantasy hockey pool. – sadly, no, and Malkin has been underproducing
  95. Go to at least one Habs’ playoff game – contingent on them actually making the playoffs, of course. – went to three of ’em. Helped that the Habs made it to the conference finals.
  96. Keep kosher(ish) for Passover. – um… the less said the better. my mom might read this.
  97. Couchsurf. – repeatedly
  98. Host couchsurfers. – several of ’em
  99. Help at least three friends plan trips.it’s the next best thing to traveling myself
  100. Invent a new smoothie recipe. – bananas and kahlua – surprisingly good together
  101. Watch the Olympics on TV. – glued to the set
  102. …and see the Canadian team win the hockey gold. (Hey, I can hope, right?) – epic WIN!
  103. Improve my Spanish from a 20-word vocabulary to at least a 50-word one. – still on the to-do list
  104. Watch Mad Men Season 4.
  105. Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. – on my netbook, but not on my desktop yet
  106. …preferably without losing my mind in the process. – TBD
  107. Go apple picking in the fall.
  108. Sell my old backpacks.
  109. Clear out my closets and drawers. – now I have no clothes left
  110. …and participate in a clothing swap.
  111. …and donate whatever I cannot swap to charity.
  112. Drink more green tea instead of coffee. – I heart david’s tea
  113. Finish the pile of books that are sitting on my “to read” shelf. – I have a new pile now
  114. Get my grandmother’s chicken soup recipe from my mom.
  115. …and learn to make it.
  116. Convince my mom that the world isn’t going to end in 2012, regardless of what the Mayans said. – I’m still not sure she’s entirely convinced
  117. Go karaoking. – we all live in a yellow submafine
  118. Go kayaking.
  119. Laugh a lot.
  120. Spend less time in front of the computer making these lists, and more time actually doing the things on them. – been too busy to blog, does that count?

Grand total? That’s 76 out of 12o items accomplished, or 63% of the list. That’s up from 46% at halftime, making the second half of the year arguably less productive than the first. On the other hand, I did accomplish some biggies, like the new apartment, so I’ll say it’s a wash.

What are my resolutions for 2011? Stay tuned…

Happy New Year, everyone!

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