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Just for fun

Friday the 13th


Fear not… for us Jewish people, it’s a good luck day. Or so I’m told. See more here. Maybe I should’ve bought a lotto ticket.

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By the way


Anyone else think it’s cool that today’s date is 05/05/05? Okay, I’m easily amused.

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How low can they go?


The state of Virginia is declaring war on fashion, with the introduction of a bill to ban low-ride pants: Del. Algie T. Howell Jr., a Democrat, has filed legislation that would levy a $50 fine on anyone who “exposes his below-waist undergarments in an offensive manner.” Cause, you know, all them new-fangled fashion trends are […]

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“My name is segacs and I’m a chocoholic…”


So I’ve decided that I’m a serious chocolate addict, and my evil friends are all enablers. So is the genius at Jean Coutu who decided to sell mini-Toblerone at 2 for 79 cents. A surprising number of people I’ve mentioned this to have also confessed their chocolate addictions. I’m thinking of starting my own local […]

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To-do lists


In the cool link of the day department, 43 things offers the opportunity to make a gigantic to-do list for your life. Hat tip: Elana, who wants more people to read her blog… so this post is kinda helping her accomplish one of her goals.

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Very funny commercial


Allison links to this great Israeli McDonald’s commercial that spoofs Pulp Fiction. View it and laugh.

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More random quiz time


Congratulations! You are Miranda. Which Sex and the City Character Are You? brought to you by Quizilla I also think I’m a bit addicted to that show.

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More pointless quizzes


According to this religion quiz, seems all those years I spent thinking I was Jewish were wrong. I shall join the ranks of Lisa Simpson because I believe I’m actually Buddhist: You scored as Buddhist. Buddhist 80% Jewish 55% Anarchist 55% Christian 45% Cult 45% Catholic 30% At least all those years of Hebrew school […]

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Good news of the day


Chocolate may cure coughing: A chemical compound, theobromine, which is found in cocoa, has proved more effective at stopping persistent coughing than codeine. SWEET!!! Those of you who know me and my chocolate addiction will understand.

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Political quiz


According to this political quiz, I’m a “centrist”. Hell, I didn’t need a quiz to tell me that. (Via Peaktalk).

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