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And on the issues front


The sweeping gains made by Democrats tonight only tell half the story. There were also a number of issues votes that, if nothing else, indicate that the country is feeling more anti-Bush right now than pro-Liberal. For example: Constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage won approval in South Carolina, Tenessee, Virginia and Wisconsin, with similar […]

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Now why doesn’t this surprise me?


Montreal’s hosting the first-ever OutGames. And Pauline has the scoop on the only people who seem to be offended, and on why: Quebec agency offended by “Outgames” Not by the existence of the event, a sort of gay and lesbian Olympics, but by the fact that organizers didn’t bother to give the name “Outgames” a […]

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MPs against gay marriage


Curious about your local candidate’s stance on the issue? Check out this site, highlighted today in the Globe and Mail for “endorsing” candidates who are strongly opposed to gay marriage and who – presumably – would vote to overturn it, given the opportunity. Lists like this one creep up from time to time. When they […]

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Why I’m not jumping on the blue bandwagon


In a democracy, I have an absolute right not to discuss how I intend to vote with anyone. However, I’m choosing to waive that right, because politics is such an important topic on this blog, to discuss why, despite the corruption, scandals and aggravation, unlike so many Canadians, I won’t be switching my vote from […]

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The Twilight Zone


Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Damian Penny’s blog an awful lot. I even agree with most of the things he writes. But some of his readers and commentators… well, that’s another story altogether. Case in point: the delusion-fest going on right now about how Harper and the Conservatives are going to win the […]

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Gay marriage officially legalized


The Senate overwhelmingly approved the gay marriage bill, officially legalizing it across Canada. In honour of this news, here, found in an e-mail forward, are the top twelve reasons homosexual marriage should not be legal: Homosexuality is not natural, much like eyeglasses, polyester, and birth control. Heterosexual marriages are valid because they produce children. Infertile […]

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Blogosphere roundup


I haven’t done one of these in a while. And some bloggers have been writing very, very good posts. So it’s high time, I guess. Here’s Lynn on so-called “messianic Judaism”: We Jews have been fighting this battle for nigh on two thousand years. Christians have been trying to explain to us where and how […]

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And then there were four…


Spain legalized gay marriage just two days after Canada passed similar legislation, becoming the fourth country in the world to end this form of discrimination: The measure passed the 350-seat Congress of Deputies by a vote of 187 to 147. The bill, part of the ruling Socialists’ aggressive agenda for social reform, also lets gay […]

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Same sex marriage legal in Canada


One of the most controversial government bills in a long time passed in Parliament tonight, legalizing same-sex marriage and ending discrimination against gay Canadians: The bill will become official once it receives approval in the Senate, likely within days. With it the barriers to gay and lesbian weddings will tumble in Alberta, PEI, Nunavut and […]

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Minority rights for sale


That’s the greater implication of this proposed blackmail by the Conservatives: The Opposition Conservatives are willing to support the NDP’s $4.6-billion budget amendment, but only if the Liberals agree to delay same-sex marriage legislation. The Liberals have the numbers to pass the budget even without Conservative support. So did the Liberals grow a backbone and […]

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