Danish FM blames Israel for terrorism


Israeli army incursions in Gaza have left ten more people dead, including two UN employees. While Israel was clearly targeting Hamas terrorists (five of the ten dead were identified as Hamas members), you’d never know it from the media reports, who love to skew everything to make it look like Israel is launching unprovoked incursions simply as a show of strength and not as the defensive measures that they are.

“This loss of civilian lives, of people working for a humanitarian UN agency, is completely unacceptable, said Peter Hansen, UNRWA’s commissioner-general, in Geneva. “I must condemn what appears to be the indiscriminate use of heavy firepower in a densely populated civilian area.”

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Feingold, the army spokeswoman, accused Palestinian militants of hiding behind civilians in the camps. “It’s a shame because the civilian population who’s not involved in terrorism … is the one to pay the price.”

But the worst comment has to come from the Danish Foreign Minister, who uses the logic that’s so twisted and yet so prevalent in the EU these days:

Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, representing the European Union, warned Israel that using “excessive might” could backfire.

“It’s deeply tragic that completely innocent people again have been killed,” Moeller told reporters in Copenhagen. “It creates a new fundament for more terrorism, it creates anger.”

Yet another example of the backwards thinking of most of Europe. It’s the same logic by which people in Montreal claimed that Hillel should never have invited Benjamin Netanyahu to Concordia, because “it might provoke anger and violence”.

The blame in that case lies with the violent rioters. They can’t say “well, you made us mad, so we’re not responsible for our actions”. Imagine if a serial killer said that about his victims? Imagine if an abusive husband said that about his wife?

It’s the same thing here. Moeller is excusing Palestinian terror and its killing of innocent people ON PURPOSE as an angry reaction to Israel’s ACCIDENTAL killing of innocent people – especially ones being used as human shields by cowardly terrorists. We know that Hamas is angry and violent, Moeller is saying, so let’s condemn Israel for making them mad and maybe causing them to launch more attacks. After all, it must be Israel’s fault.

I could weep.

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1 Lent 12.06.02 at 10:31 PM

Danish Foreign Minister,

Well what can we expect from the Euro bunch but equivocation, duplicity and the usual bad-mouthing of Israel. The Euros should keep their threats to themselves and mind their own store lest their own countries become the useful staging-ground of Islam. As it is the “Gates of Vienna” will be shortly overrun by demographics from Muslims so dar al-Islam can’t be far off.


2 easy now 12.09.02 at 1:58 AM

“as an angry reaction to Israel’s ACCIDENTAL killing of innocent people”

how can you call that an accidental killing? What do Israeli forces think will happen when they fire into a densely populated crowd? That they will only hit the targets they’re aiming for-that’s madness and stupidity roled into one.

“from the Danish Foreign Minister, who uses the logic that’s so twisted and yet so prevailant in the EU these days”

Well what else do you expect from the EU. It’s European peackeepers that are working to make sure no one’s going hungry in the refugee camps, that have been forced upon the Palestinians because of Israel’s occupation of those territories, and trying to keep it as peaceful as possible. And what do they get in return for doing their job? They got bombed by Israeli gunships! Of course that’s going to piss off members of the EU, their people are dying because of a conflict that has nothing to do with them. I’ve never heard of a UN peacekeeper strapping explosives to his/her chest and blowing themselves up in downtown Jerusalem, so how can you justify them dying at the hands of the IDF? You can’t. So realise your bias, and then maybe you’ll better understand the EU attitude towards the situation in the middle east.


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