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Hillel denies charges and calls for an apology from the CSU

Hillel has concluded its investigation into the supposed excuse for its shutdown by the CSU, and has released the following press release (emphasis mine):

MONTREAL, December 6, 2002 – Concordia Hillel has concluded its internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the suspension of its club privileges by the Council of Representatives of the Concordia Student Union.

The allegations that Concordia Hillel violated the Foreign Enlistment Act by distributing a flier recruiting for the Israeli Defence Forces are entirely unfounded. The flier in question was not a Hillel flier, but rather the brochure of an independent organization with no ties whatsoever to Hillel. The flier was not put out by Hillel, or by any official representative thereof. Though the flier was allegedly found on a Concordia Hillel information table, it was never approved or endorsed by Concordia Hillel or any agent or official thereof. Further, the presence of the flier on the Hillel table was not brought to the attention of the Hillel leadership until the matter was brought before the CSU Council in a surprise, politically motivated motion to suspend Hillel.

Hillel is the Jewish Student Union at Concordia and represents the Jewish students of the university. Its mandate is to provide programs and services to meet the cultural, social, religious, and advocacy needs of Concordia’s Jewish students. It does not, nor has it ever, recruited for the IDF or any other foreign agency of any kind. The motion passed by the CSU, in violation of the rules governing the adoption of such motions, was a deliberate attempt by certain forces within the CSU to smear the good name of Concordia Hillel and, in doing so, to silence their political opponents on campus. The resulting motion is a violation of the rights of Concordia Hillel to due process and, in effect if not intent, of the rights to freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly of the Jewish student at Concordia.

In light of this information, we call on the CSU to immediately, and without condition or qualification, rescind the motion passed at the last meeting of the Council. We further call upon them to issue a full public apology to Hillel for failing to provide us with due process. The CSU has been duly notified that we intend to take legal action against them should they fail to comply with these demands.

Well, there you have it. I don’t intend to hold my breath waiting for a CSU apology, though. I think I’d be blue in the face before they’d admit to wrongdoing.

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  • Hanthala 11.30.-1, 12:00 AM

    Slinky, you are a racist. Please continue advocating such hatred in your defense of Israeli human rights violations, it just helps me make my point.

  • Shlinkin 12.06.02, 7:42 PM

    What a limp wristed statement. Why deny association with the pamphlet? The Hillel should state that hell yeah they support those defending Israel, and if the C-SS-U doesn’t like it they can go rape a camel. Or two.

  • Lynn B* 12.06.02, 8:05 PM

    I have to agree that this is a diappointing response. And if I thought there was anything wrong with that pamphlet being there in the first place, I’d have to suggest that it’s Hillel’s responsibility to monitor what appears on their table. If the tables were turned, I wouldn’t accept “how’d that get there?” as an excuse. On the other hand, if Hillel really didn’t know about it, there’s always the possibility it was planted by someone for the express purpose of shutting Hillel down. I wonder what CSU’s response would be if that turned out to be the case.

  • Shmoo 12.06.02, 8:09 PM

    Hillel had two options: Defend the flier or distance itself from the flier. By choosing the latter I worry that people will interpret it as a sign that providing information about joining the IDF is somehow wrong. I would have liked to see Hillel defend the pamphlet as the Mahal program sounds like a very important opportunity of which people should be made aware. As Jews, we should be proud that citizens of many different countries make Aliyah to support Israel.

  • Elana S 12.06.02, 8:15 PM

    You guys aren’t gonna like this….but I totally disagree with you. Hillel and Jews in general have ALWAYS taken the moral high ground. And what has it gotten us? Nada! No one is getting hurt here, so why should just let the Arabs have their way. Sometimes you’ve gotta play the game to win. This IS about winning, bot about coming out all sparkly clean. The end absolutely justifies the means, and so I stand by Hillel’s response 100% because look at what’s up for grabs here. We aren’t talking about a simple slap on the wrist, we’re talking about losing all Jewish representation at Gaza University. If Arabs at Concordia weren’t so hateful and violent, Jewish students on campus wouldn’t need Hillel’s protection. This is about way more than just the right to hand out fliers, it is about the safety of every single Jewish student on campus.

  • Shlinkin 12.06.02, 8:33 PM

    A strong argument, Elana, and we all share the same objectives here. But I think you are wrong. Hillel has been doing this for two years, and the aryan youth of the C-SS-U have just gotten worse and worse.

    What has to be done is as follows: the Hillel should tell the C-SS-U to go to hell or virgin paradise or whatever. Then, form a protest movement. Raise money in the anti-arab-aryan community, and make sure the C-SS-U regrets the day they started with the kikes.

  • segacs 12.06.02, 8:47 PM

    Shlinkin, I have to ask you again to PLEASE watch the language. I understand this is an emotional issue, but I’d really like to stand by my policy of not censoring comments, so I’m merely asking for a modicum of restraint. Your point is an excellent one and will be just as clear without the slurs.

  • Shlinkin 12.06.02, 9:07 PM

    Sorry Segacs. My time at Concordia has transformed me into a monster. I shall slay my own dragon, and cut out THAT tounge….

    But for the sake of introspecition and future reference, which comment did you not like? The use of the word hell? C-SS-U? (clever, eh?) Aryan youth? Virgin paradise? Thanks, and sorry.

  • segacs 12.06.02, 9:19 PM

    I’ll rely on your capacity for judgement, Shlinkin. You seem to be an intelligent person.

  • Dave 12.06.02, 11:44 PM

    I’m kind of offended by the term C-SS-U. You may think it is clever but by comparing the CSU to the SS you actually make the SS look better. The CSU has definitely been acting in an offensive manner. But are they the shock tropps of genocide and mass murder? I think not. Please refrain from trivializing the holocaust.

  • The Man 12.07.02, 1:29 AM

    oy veh! you begin with a problem at the school and the Palestinians and college authorities and spend most of the comments on what is or is not decent language.

  • Lent 12.07.02, 2:15 AM

    Let’s get this straight. The problem is fundamentally propelled forward by the Islamic element on campus. It’s not the Aryan youth. What this new (old ideas with new clothes) philosophy entails is Arab Islamic students joined at the hip with the left. Marxism, as it was applied in Europe and Russia was to the core anti-Zionist. If you check out some leftist sites you will see they are just as vitriolic with respect to Israel as any Arab Islamic site except for the latter’s use of brazen nazi rhetoric.

  • Hanthala 12.07.02, 6:52 AM

    So, let me get this straight. You hold a supposedly “religious” celebration where your “rabbi” goes on about how the Jews gave the rest of us civilization and democracy with the notion of the separation of Church and state. You then light a minorah (sorry for the spelling)–a religious activity, during which I was profoundly moved and stood aside quietly–and then proceed to play the Israeli national anthem–a political/state activity (!!!), during which I promptly left as I couldn’t understand what this had to do with the (religious) celebration of Hanukkah.

  • Elana 12.07.02, 4:37 PM

    The Israeli national anthem is sung at almost every major religious/cultural event that Jewish students have. It wasn’t some kind of taunt.

    Furthermore, I’m not sure why you put little quotes around the word “rabbi”, because Rabbi Poupko is Concordia’s Rabbi.

  • Hanthala 12.07.02, 6:45 PM

    Well maybe that’s the problem Elana. The lack of separation between Church and State in Israel and in Hillel. That’s probably exactly what made the distribution of flyers recruiting for the Nahal Brigades who are on the forefront of settlement building in the Occupied Territories so frightening. Settlers are known to be right-wing religious fanatics. Is this what is going on at Concordia too?

  • Elana 12.07.02, 9:30 PM

    That’s such a joke….I mean I actually smiled and laughed when I read it. Settlers are religious fanatics?? Are you kidding me? You’ve obviously never been near a “settlement” and you’ve obviously never spoken to anyone living on a settlement. These aren’t religious fanatics! These are just people who saw a nice community and wanted to live there. They don’t just move tio settlements on principle that Jews have more a right to the land than arabs…..they just go there because there are new houses to be filled. Your idea of settlements is terribly warped. You imagine some kind of housing enclave in the middle of nowhere. In reality, settlement can take the form of entire cities. There are schools in these settlements, stores, community centers……these are not little groups of tents of houses. You can’t simply up and dismantle these things.

    As for the idea that there needs to be a separation between Church and state, you’ve completely missed the point. The state of Israel was created because JEWS (a religious group) needed a place to go where they’d be safe from persecution. The reason why Israel was put where it is today, is because there was a well founded belief that Jews have a historic right to that land.

  • Shlinkin 12.07.02, 10:52 PM

    Two quick comments.

    1. A comparison between arabia and nazism is perfectly warranted. The only difference is, they haven’t killed 6 million yet. Ideologically, the idea is EXACTLY the same.

    2. How can any defender of the CSU (which I will NOT refer to as the C-YOU KNOW WHAT – U) possibly complain about the seperation of church and state? The CSU is basically an extension of the jew-hating Montreal Muslim community (and no, calling the montreal muslim community “jew hating” is not hypoerbole. Read their newspapers, with such fun headings as “our enemies, the jews.”)

  • Hanthala 12.08.02, 3:16 AM

    Elana, ROTFLOLPMP!!!! Settlers decide to arm themselves and move onto Palestinian land because “there are houses to be filled.” Look, I’ll assume that you’re some high school kid whose head just got filled with nonsense because sweetheart, that argument wold get you laughed out of any grown up discussion.

  • Shirit 12.08.02, 3:32 AM

    Ok, can we assume you’re just a brain-washed Arab then? Because that’s what you sound like.

  • Shlinkin 12.08.02, 3:43 AM

    Its always enjoyable to be called a racist by a member of the arabist lobby. Because, as we all know, there is no group of people in this world more racist than arabia.

    This is not a wild-eyed statement. This is troot, absolute troot. I know it, Hanthala the great debater (duh what insult should I use now? Scooby dooby doo…) knows it, everyone knows it. The funniest thing is the silly arabs (trix are for kids) who think that its all the jews fault that they, normally wonderful fun loving arabs, are all racist promosters of genocide (a circle I have yet to square).

    Understand this, Hanthala. THe entire world is not your hate-filled 22, or the CSU or the SPHR aryanists. Soooom of us recognize that tyrants such as your horrible KK clan are just as dispicable as you are. And you know this to be true. Like anti-semites everywhere, the CSU/SPHR aryanists have to use hate to feed their jealousy.

    By the way, if I was like you, Huntajewa, I would make fun of your label. But I am waaaay too mature and sober to do that, right Segacs?

  • Hanthala 12.08.02, 9:10 AM

    Thank you all, you’ve just confirmed my feelings about the racism of the organized Montreal Jewish (Kahanist) community. Now when I take you on, I won’t have to think about it twice.

  • Peter 12.08.02, 10:31 AM

    I was dumfounded reading this response
    by Hillel. I can’t believe they are
    taking such a weak approach. Saying that
    you didn’t know it was on the table is
    akin to a third grader saying his dog
    ate his homework.

    I am not a student a Concordia, nor an
    alumnus, nor a Canadian and my 20th
    birthday was a very long time ago. I
    first learned about this issue after
    reading a small news item on
    IsraelNationalNews.com. And what I’ve
    learned is this: The Jewish community
    of North America must play very close
    attention to this issue. The alarm bells
    should be ringing throughout every Jewish
    organization on this continent. The
    university is the cornerstone of Jewish
    life and success on this continent.
    Freedom to attend universities is something
    that North American Jews fought very hard for
    and it has allowed us to achieve success unparalled
    in our history. If this action stands,
    if Jews are going to have walk around
    in humiliation and defeat, lets face it –
    we are doomed.

    This is the proverbial line in the sand.
    Concordia Hillel must take a very aggressive
    stand against these people, for the
    sake of every Jew, student, former student
    and future student on this continent and
    in the FREE WORLD.

  • Shlinkin 12.08.02, 12:45 PM

    Oooooh. Hanthala called me a racist. Someone contact the CSU.

  • Mooshreekin 12.08.02, 2:05 PM

    I’ve noticed this as well. Some organizations, such as SPHR, are founded on the concept of calling others racist, etc… The funny thing is, the CSU and the SPHR have continued this name calling, well after the general population has come to the conclusion that the SPHR and CSU are the racists. Hence, we have these odd situations where racist organizations blab about racism, much to the amusement of us all.

  • segacs 12.08.02, 5:28 PM

    Since you asked, no, I don’t think so. I’m asking you to keep the racist cracks elsewhere unless you want to be censored. I think I asked you already, if I remember correctly. That goes for everyone.

  • Elana S 12.08.02, 5:44 PM

    dear me! Between these comments and the fights going about on my site, the blogosphere is really getting heavy over this whole CSU thing. How ’bout everyone just cool it a bit until the CSU or Hillel make their next move.

  • Hanthala 12.08.02, 10:17 PM

    If SPHR has to discuss racism so much its because the oppression of the Palestinian people is based on it. Moreover, all of Hillel’s arguments, to date, also rely on racism. There are a few good examples on this page.

  • jaws 12.08.02, 10:56 PM

    “If SPHR has to discuss racism so much its because the oppression of the Palestinian people is based on it.”

    Um, I hate to sound rude; but I’ve just taken a course on this subject. First off, there isn’t opression. Second, Zionism isn’t racism; and thisrd, a lot of these beliefs result out of false myths.

  • Lent 12.08.02, 11:21 PM

    “If SPHR has to discuss racism so much its because the oppression of the Palestinian people is based on it. Moreover, all of Hillel’s arguments, to date, also rely on racism. There are a few good examples on this page.
    Hanthala ”

    “Oppression”? You must be reading the latest propaganda put out by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Authority, etc., etc. Or maybe you actually write some of this nonsense yourself. I’m sure we’ll all remember that oppression the next time your friends blow up men women and children at restaurants, bus stops, homes, discos….. All for the umma and the umma for all, right?

  • Hanthala 12.09.02, 12:11 AM

    No oppression? I’d like to hear an explanation of how Israel does not oppress the Palestinian people.

  • Hanthala 12.09.02, 12:36 AM

    Wow, Slimey, you’ve outdone yourself on the racism with this post and just layed out YOUR ignorance of history for all to read (though I suspect the little clique on this board all suffer from the same “education”).

    PS: What’s the reference to Syria all about?

  • Hanthala 12.09.02, 1:59 AM

    Slinky, where did I say I was Syrian? Or even Arabic? You might want to re-check the definition of racism. I’m calling you on what you are writing, not what I perceive your identity to be.

  • Hanthala 12.09.02, 2:04 AM

    PS: I’d still like to hear the explanation on how Israel does not oppress the Palestinians.

  • Talia 12.09.02, 3:35 AM

    I repeat what i wrote in my other message:

    Here’s a question for all of you (and i am a concordia student). Do you honestly think anything will be achieved by this yelling/name calling back and forth? Both sides seem quite clear to be set in their ways so what is it going to gain rather then get those involved more riled up? Just a thought.

  • Hanthala 12.09.02, 3:57 AM

    Talia, I’ll repeat the answer I gave from my other post: probably not. I do enjoy drawing out the racist assumptions of Hillel’s discourse and learning more about how that racism fits within the broader discourses of Canadian society.

  • Hanthala 12.09.02, 4:08 AM

    PS: This website has been censored and the most anti-Arab posts (including a death threat to yours truly) wiped away which means that my responses appear as responses to no post in particular. Oh Well. Good thing they’re cached.

  • segacs 12.09.02, 4:32 AM

    Hanthala, read my above post for the reason for the censorship. I don’t tolerate blatant obscene racism any more than you do. I’m sorry if it looks like you’re “responding to yourself”, and I really did want to try to leave this open without intervening. But when posts cross the line, I’m forced to take action.

  • Lent 12.09.02, 5:13 PM

    “PS: I’d still like to hear the explanation on how Israel does not oppress the Palestinians.
    Hanthala | 12.08.02 – 9:04 pm”

    Yeah, keep asking the question. I’m sure you’re convinced they are oppressed. You can make the phony assertion all you want. Now ask the question again.LOL!

  • Hanthala 12.09.02, 7:36 PM

    Segacs, is that because you tolerate racism that isn’t blatant? Just wondering because its not like you’ve deleted all the racism here.

  • segacs 12.09.02, 10:25 PM

    Hanthala, if the point of your posting was to seriously converse instead of just to provoke a response, you wouldn’t have asked that. You should know full well what my attitudes are about racism – ANY racism – by now. But I’m not about to play net nanny unless something shows up that is blatant. Other posters don’t speak for me, and I don’t speak for them, nor can I control everything that everyone writes.

    If you see a comment you feel is racist, feel free to reply and point it out to the poster. Frankly, though, it seems to me that, to you, anyone who’s pro-Israel is by definition racist. I won’t bother to comment on how ridiculous I find that.

  • Hanthala 12.10.02, 12:29 AM

    That’s OK Segacs, this isn’t the place or forum for a real discussion of racism in Hillel.

  • Shlinkin 12.10.02, 12:41 AM

    Hanthala, you are so pathetic. You’ve staked your whole debtate on false accusations of racism, which have unravelled like the Egyptian army.

    A pity. I thought you might have something to actually add to the debate.

  • Hanthala 12.10.02, 1:06 AM

    Slinky, what’s pathetic is your death threats. As for false accusations of racism, I haven’t made one. Wish I could say the same for Hillel.

  • Shlinkin 12.10.02, 2:03 AM

    Hanthaliar, Hanthaliar. Is this the best you can do? Whatcha going to do? Have the CSU shut down Segacs? Sorry, wrong jurisdiction.

    And Hanthaliar, ‘most all of your posts accuse someone of racism. Why, sweetheart, you even want to write a PAPER about all the horrible,hurtful RACISM you face from these evil jjjews. Poor, poor, dear. Go beat up a holocaust survivor or something. Now doesn’t that feel better?

  • segacs 12.10.02, 6:06 AM

    You don’t like ice cream? Maybe nobody’s introduced you to some really good ice cream. I suggest we change the topic of this debate to vanilla fudge versus rocky road. Whaddayasay?

  • Hanthala 12.10.02, 6:08 AM

    Your treat?

  • Shlinkin 12.10.02, 12:51 PM

    Hanthaliar, you are the racist. And you know it.

    Punch any holocaust victims recently? Advocate any terrorism?

    Change your racist ways, Hanthaliar.

  • segacs 12.10.02, 5:24 PM

    Shlinkin and Hanthala, can you guys declare a truce? Go get an ice cream or something. Go watch some football. I dunno, but can you tear yourselves away from clawing at each other’s faces for thirty seconds? I’m getting dizzy.

  • Hanthala 12.10.02, 5:41 PM

    No thanks Segacs, I don’t like ice cream. Besides, I’m having a discussion with Peter and just getting on Slinky’s nerves for fun. BTW, he’s got another awfully racist post up there, you might want to use your censor scisors again.

  • Hanthala 12.10.02, 7:18 PM

    Yeah, yeah, Slinky. Is there ever any substance to what you say?

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