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CJC joins in Hillel lawsuit

The Canadian Jewish Congress has been granted intervener status in Hillel’s lawsuit against the Concordia Student Union:

A Quebec Superior Court Judge has granted Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) leave to intervene in the action filed by Hillel students against Concordia University’s Student Union (CSU). Since the outbreak of the current Middle East violence, the CSU has abetted a climate on Concordia’s campus that became increasingly hostile and intimidating for Jewish students.

In December, the CSU, with no prior notice, abruptly withheld its funding of the Hillel group at Concordia. Hillel initiated legal action against the CSU and CJC sought the intervention to support the Jewish students fighting the discriminatory disenfranchisement of their campus club.

I have no doubt that within minutes, we’ll hear some snide comment about the “powerful Zionist lobby” attacking the CSU. Good. Let them spew. The important thing is that this lawsuit a case of Jewish students at Concordia saying Enough! and it’s great that organizations like the CJC are getting behind them. They need all the support they can get.

To express your support, you can write to concordiajews@hotmail.com.

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