Plaintiffs wanted for the Hillel lawsuit against the CSU


Hillel has issued an appeal for its constituents (Jewish Concordia students) who have personally experienced damages thanks to the CSU’s illegal and groundless actions, to join them as plaitiffs in their lawsuit. Here’s the skinny:

Shalom Chaverim,

As most of you should know, Concordia Hillel is proceeding with the lawsuit against the CSU. Don’t be mistaken, despite announcements in the media, Hillel has not been re-instated. The CSU is still withholding our funds and are making a thinly veiled attempt at blackmailing us into submission. Our rights have been trampled upon. Be it known that we will not back down.

Concordia Hillel is an association of students but has no legal status in and of itself. The club can’t take action in its own name. As such we are seeking volunteers from among Hillel’s constituents (i.e. Jewish students of Concordia) to serve as plaintiffs in our case against the CSU.

Plaintiffs have to be available for time-consuming depositions and court appearances. Court records and proceedings will be public, so potential plaintiffs should consider that their anonymity cannot be preserved. As well, in the unlikely event that we should lose, the plaintiffs COULD be sued for court costs, but not to worry as the Hillel Foundation would cover it.

If you’ve read through all of this and are still interested in filing suit with us, please get back to me ASAP as we’re proceeding soon.

Sincerely in your service,

Noah Joseph


Concordia Hillel

For more information, contact Noah.

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