Failing grade for Iraq


Did you really ever expect Saddam Hussein to pass the UN weapons inspection test? It’s being reported now that Britain and the US are saying Saddam failed the arms test. (Via Tim Blair.)

Britain joined the United States yesterday in judging that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had failed the crucial United Nations test by supplying an untruthful declaration about weapons of mass destruction.

It seems to me that there was a lot of misplaced faith out there. Anyone who took Saddam seriously when he said he intended to cooperate with weapons inspectors should really get the word “Naive” tattooed to their forehead.

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1 Me 12.24.02 at 2:15 AM

Anybody who accepts the US (let me just hang on to this will ya’ cause I’ve got the bestest photocopier) & Britain’s (don’t make me release another toothless dossier on ya) claims at face value, while the tag-team duo continue to play ‘war games’ in the desert, can aptly be called “Naive” with a big N.

Seems to me its the dynamic duo that continue to fail the credibility test.



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