Iraq stands accused


For everyone who keeps claiming that there’s “no proof” against Iraq, this diagram from the London Daily Telgraph summarizes Hans Blix’s report:


Via Damian Penny, who has this to add:

In a sane world, this would be more than enough to make the case that Saddam has not stopped trying to develop weapons on mass destruction, and that he never will do so. But some nations simply aren’t going to be satisfied until Iraqi VX has been released in the New York subway, and Iraqi missiles are raining on Tel Aviv. (This being the UN, maybe that’s the point.)

For God’s sake, how many more “second chances” are we supposed to give these guys?

Right on. To that I’ll just add that the strategy of these people has been to look fact straight in the face and make up a lie. It’s like a guy whose wife catches him having sex with another woman, and yet despite the evidence staring her in the face, he tells her she’s mistaken and makes up a lie so ludicrous, she believes it.

Well, the world has to start to trust the evidence. Saddam Hussein is winning by lowering expectations. Everyone expects him not to comply with the UN inspections. Everyone expects him to be developing forbidden weapons. But he’s managed to put forth the lie that there’s no justification for attacking his country, no matter what he does. What will it take for people to see the obvious?

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