Blix: Saddam’s greatest cheerleader


Saddam’s greatest cheerleader, Hans Blix, said that he doesn’t think Saddam will use chemical or biological weapons for fear of turning world opinion against him:

Iraq is unlikely to use chemical or biological weapons to defend itself from a U.S.-led invasion because world opinion would turn against it, chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix said Wednesday. “Saddam Hussein has certainly figured himself to be a sort of emperor of Mesopotamia, and the leader of the Arab world,” Blix said. “So I think he very likely cares very much about his reputation.”

Wait a sec . . . I thought Blix assured us that Saddam didn’t have any of those chemical or biological weapons.

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1 AlexCV 03.20.03 at 12:25 AM

He may not have any, but anyone can mix up a batch of chlorine and hose down the troops. It worked surprisingly well for the germans during WWI.


2 Peter 03.20.03 at 2:22 AM

During WWI, all sides used chemical weapons. The gases sunk and were an effective way of attacking men in the trenches, but they did receive a horrible reputation because of that. Even Hitler refused to use them in WWII against enemy soldiers, at least on the battlefield.

I read the article about the Blix quote. Blix said:”If they have any — and still, that’s a big if — I would doubt that they would
use it because a lot of countries and people in the world are negative to
the idea of waging war”.


3 AlexCV 03.20.03 at 4:03 AM

I said the germans because they were the first. I knew both sides used them. hitler himself was gassed a few times (he was a courier.)

I wonder where the “– and still, that’s a big if –” bit was dropped, I’ve seen it quoted without. Some of the hard line republicans seem to think that Blix is sleeping with Saddam. I think he was doing a very nasty job where everyone wants to find anything bad they can to further their position.


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