Saddam’s ploys


As if we needed any more evidence that Saddam is a bad guy:

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has ordered uniforms replicating those worn by U.S. and British troops and will issue them to paramilitary fighters who would attack Iraqi civilians and blame it on Western forces, the U.S. Central Command charged on Thursday.

Sound familiar? Sounds an awful lot like how Hitler started World War II, doesn’t it?

But of course, the anti-war protesters charge that it’s the Americans who want to kill innocent Iraqi civilians. Sure, right.

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1 Brandon 03.07.03 at 12:22 AM

I have the same article posted on my blog, it seems the more the anti-war protestors are wrong, the more violent and avid they become. The news is starting to be saturated with reports of anti-war waging war with pro-war. Confusing which side people are on isn’t it?


2 Adem 03.07.03 at 1:16 AM

Nobody doubts he is cruel, but what does that have to do arguments for or against war? The US isn’t going to wage war simply because Saddam is mean. That is played up as propaganda, but it has little to do with their arguments. The arguments used for the war are usually fallacious.


3 Adem 03.07.03 at 1:20 AM

I also just saw this on CNN. Wilkinson doesn’t cite a source for that though, which is curious.


4 James 03.07.03 at 3:42 AM

Nobody doubts he is cruel, but what does that have to do arguments for or against war? Uh, nothing. It has to do with a report re Saddam allegedly making plans that others find reprehensible. One of the jobs of journalists is to report on such things; whether it’s true or not is of course impossible for you or I to know, though I’d hope that, even on CNN, journalistic half-truths have not yet crossed over into the realm of complete fabrication.


5 Adem 03.07.03 at 5:30 AM

I was not suggesting CNN was lying, but rather is would be preferable if Mr. Wilkinson cited a source for his allegation. This subject is significant, as I mentioned above, because it is used as propaganda to justify a war, even though, ultimately you rightly point out that it has nothing to do with it. People are in fact swayed by emotional arguments like that. My statement was also regarding the reference to Hitler starting WWII that way.


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