It’s the fault of the Jews again


It appears that Saddam Hussein might only be alive today thanks to the efforts of an Iraqi Jewish man who talked his pregnant mother out of committing suicide:

85-year-old Nassima Karush [ . . . ] relates how Saddam’s mother, Subha, had watched her first-born son die of what doctors said was cancer. Depressed from the death, she didn’t want to live and tried several times to kill herself and her unborn child, Saddam.

Karush, who immigrated from Iraq to Israel in 1951, said Wednesday she remembers her sister-in-law’s husband, Sallim Zirha, convincing Saddam’s mother not to commit suicide.

Man, the antisemitic conspiracy theorists must be frothing at the mouth on this one!

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1 Peter Lehrer 03.20.03 at 10:50 AM

This is old news.


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