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State of the Union

Bush gave his State of the Union address to the American nation tonight. I was stuck in class and missed seeing the speech, but CNN’s got highlights, a transcript, and reactions from domestic and international sources.

It will be interesting to see the reactions from all the different places in tomorrow morning’s headlines.

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  • Peter 01.29.03, 10:54 AM

    Bush spoke one sentence on the Arab-Israeli conflict and what he said is good because it puts the onus to change on Pals which is the way it should be.

    In the Middle East, we will continue to
    seek peace between a secure Israel and
    a democratic Palestine.

  • jaws 01.29.03, 4:28 PM

    Following on what Peter said–I think that Bush’s comment on Israel was basically a more polite way of telling arafat that he’s beyond irrelevant.

    I really liked the SOTU, but that’s just me

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