My election promise


Okay people, this is it. It’s 2004. And we all know what that means: ENDLESS election coverage from our buddies South of the Border.

Right now it’s the Primaries for the Democrats. Dean versus Kerry versus Edwards versus Lieberman versus Clark versus . . . yes, I know there are more of them. But with all the analysis possible on the issues, the campaign speeches, the voting results, there’s only one overwhelming, all-encompassing truth to the process: it’s BORING as hell!

And to make matters worse, in the Primaries they go state by state. Sheesh, get it over with and pick a leader, would you?

Then, there’s the ad nauseum commentary on everything Dubya does or says, from the State of the Union address to whether he likes milk with his cornflakes, and how it will affect his re-election chances. Who cares what the polls say in January… the election’s not till NOVEMBER!!!

So here’s my promise to you. Seeing as how it’s a long way from now until November, and how practically every blogger in the blogosphere will be endlessly analysing every step of the campaign to death, I won’t. Like CHOM’s promise last November not to play any Christmas songs until a week before Christmas, I promise no US election coverage until September. None. Nada.

(Of course, if something really big happens, all promises are off, like, oh, say, Howard Dean donning a keffiyah. Oh wait, that did happen. Silly me.)

This doesn’t mean I won’t be covering US politics. That’s still fair game. But it does mean no campaign analysis, no Primary coverage, no betting on the odds and for the love of god, no mention of Al Sharpton! (After this one.)

I hope you find this a better blog because of it. And in the meantime, let’s discuss something more interesting politically… like this morning’s discussion on CHOM about whether Belinda Stronach is hot. Yes, it’s a very in-depth, mature radio morning show.

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1 Vancouver Eric 01.21.04 at 7:06 PM

She’s not.


2 Dr_Funk 01.22.04 at 10:54 PM

She is.


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