Phone call recap


Me: Hello?
Him: (in fairly good, though heavily-accented English) May I please speak to [segacs]?
Me: Yes, speaking?
Him: I’m a volunteer calling from the Harel campaign team and I was calling to ask you about the municipal election. Are you aware that there’s an election on November 1st?
Me: Yes, I am.
Him: (a little embarrassed) And, may I ask if Mme Harel can count on your vote?
Me: (laughing) Well, I would definitely have to say… not.
Him: (laughing a little) Okay, thank you.

Even the volunteers know that when they get an anglophone on the phone, it’s a lost cause.

On the other hand, in an election where our choices are Gerald corruption-is-my-middle-name Tremblay, Louise I-hate-anglos Harel, and Richard cars-and-corporations-are-evil Bergeron, I can’t help but feel that my best bet on November 1st will be to stay home.

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1 Andrea Evoy 10.20.09 at 8:35 PM

Tsk! Don't you dare! Vote for the rhinos if you have to!


2 Matt Fogel 10.20.09 at 9:03 PM

Does the Natural Law Party run candidates in municipal elections? Vote for them.


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