Tremblay re-elected


Yes, I actually voted in today’s municipal elections. I wasn’t going to bother. After all, as I mentioned before, lack of decent choices is truly depressing. But ultimately, friends convinced me that I should at the very least exercise my right to vote, so I can exercise my right to complain later.

So I dutifully trotted over to the local polling station and listened to two women in line behind me discuss how they believed Jesus Christ was on their side and he should burn all the evil-doers and how the rioters in Paris were on their side and were burning the evil-doers… yes, these are the people who are voting for our leaders. But I digress.

Anyway, it now seems that Gerald Tremblay has been re-elected as king – er – mayor of Montreal. I guess Montrealers felt that Tremblay, who fought against demergers after promising to decentralize, is bad but Bourque, who pressed for the mergers in the first place, was worse. And I can’t really blame them for that sentiment.

Still awaiting results in my own borough of CDN-NDG. The official results site isn’t much help, either. Typical.

Update: The Tremblay team candidate, Michael Applebaum, has been elected as borough mayor.

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1 John Palubiski 11.07.05 at 6:53 PM

I dunno! I just couldn’t muster any excitement, Sari. I suppose that with seperatism once agin rearing its head, the municipal elections just didn’t generate much buzz.

Tremblay’s certainly much better than Bourque, and I’m glad he was re-elected.


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