Municipal election blues


Once again, us Montrealers are faced with the choice between really really bad and… really really bad, as we head to the polls on November 6th.

My electoral card came in the mail today, and with it, the inevitable depression that always hits me during a particularly awful election.

See, the crux of the matter is this: If over 60% of Iraqis could face the threat of bombs, guns and terrorism to exercise their right to vote, then who the hell am I to sit at home during even a seemingly inconsequential election? What gives me the right to take my right to vote for granted and to treat it so lightly?

On the other hand, what would possess an otherwise sane person to go out and cast a ballot for someone like Gerald Tremblay, who promises to fix the roads but is really just fixing his coffers after breaking his promise to decentralize and fighting the demergers tooth and nail using every trick in the book?

Or Pierre Bourque, who fancied himself king of Montreal and helped spearhead the mergers in the first place, and is hoping that a few years of Tremblay’s reign will make us forget his autocratic, dictatorial style?

Then there’s third-candidate Richard Bergeron, who promises an all-out war on cars that makes me wonder if he’s secretly having long lunches with “Red Ken” Livingstone.


And best of all? The only protest party on the ticket is the ridiculous but ultra-leftist White Elephant Party.

Hmmmm… time for a write-in campaign?

Update: It’s not all boring. At least one guy has a sense of humour:

What is this guy, some kind of comedian? Rick Blue of the satirical duo Bowser and Blue is a council candidate in Beaconsfield. The official candidates list says he lives on “Dork Drive.”

Okay, Bowser and Blue are my first nominees for write-in candidacy.

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1 John Palubiski 10.23.05 at 7:29 PM

I’m voting Tremblay because I simply can’t stand Pierre Bourque’s face. The former can at least come across as distinguished, whereas the latter is a total geek.

During Bourque’s last tenure more money was spent on the bloody botanical gardens than on road repair.

IMHO, Montréal is in dire need of two things; 1)a lot less blue collar workers, 2)a lot more freeways


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