Hamas’s true aims


Does anyone really need further proof of the Palestinian terrorist organizations’ true aims? The following statement from Hamas was issued today in response to Labor’s election of dovish Haifa Mayor Amram Mitzna (who has stated that, if elected, he will jump start peace negotiations as well as unilaterally dismantle settlements in the territories) as its party leader:

“Our resistance will continue until we liberate our land and end this occupation. No matter who is inside the government of Israel, all of them are practicing brutal aggression against our people,” Mahmoud Zahar, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said.

Just more evidence that Hamas’s true aim isn’t peace, or the election of a dovish leader, or even statehood in the “occupied territories” of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. No, Hamas won’t stop until all the land it considers “occupied” (read: all of Israel) is destroyed and handed over to Muslim control.

Each Israel leader and Prime Minister is villainized, leading outsiders to believe that the root of the problem is Sharon, or Netanyahu, or Barak, or whoever . . . but the true root of the problem is Israel’s mere existence. And no appeasement will make the attacks stop. Not until the terrorists are stopped.

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