Ariel Sharon wants out of Gaza


Everyone’s all aflutter with the “bombshell” news that Ariel Sharon wants to get out of Gaza:

“I have given an order to plan for the evacuation of 17 settlements in the Gaza Strip,” Sharon said Monday in an interview with Haaretz columnist Yoel Marcus. (The full interview with Sharon will appear Tuesday in Haaretz.)

“It is my intention to carry out an evacuation – sorry, a relocation – of settlements that cause us problems and of places that we will not hold onto anyway in a final settlement, like the Gaza settlements,” the prime minister added.

Allison and Imshin are pro. Frankly, I think most Israelis have been in favour of getting out of the Gaza Strip ever since, well, pretty much since 1967. Israel even tried to give it back to Egypt in 1978, but Egypt didn’t want it. Israelis are bitterly divided over the West Bank and over the Golan Heights, but I think that most Israelis would wish the Gaza Strip “good riddance”.

My concern is more about the “how” than the “if”. I agree with Imshin when she points out that:

Yes, I wholeheartedly support getting out of there. But not like we got out of Lebanon. Not in a way that could be interpreted as a reward for terrorism. Not if it is interpreted as weakness and serves to feed the sick Palestinian propensity for murder and mayhem. We have to be very careful how we go about this.

Maybe I’m more cynical than she is… but I don’t see how there could be any way of making this look like anything other than rewarding terrorism. First the prisoner exchange with Hezbollah. Now this. Gaza is a Hamas stronghold… and this would be the first major victory for Hamas’s strategy of terrorism for land. No good can come of that.

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1 Vancouver Eric 02.02.04 at 9:37 PM

Perhaps it needs to be in a way that would reward a lack of terrorism? “Go 2 months without any terrorist attacks, an we will GIVE you the Gaza stip”. That way, if they fuck up, it’s their own doing.


2 Chaya Eitan 02.03.04 at 1:36 PM

Yes, and what would prevent them from bringing in rockets via Egypt to shoot at Ashkelon and beyond? I forgot to mention that in my posting on Imshin’s blog. But it certainly comes across as a reward – “If you don’t stop your attacks, we are going to leave!” That sounds crazy!! It’s like saying if you stop your attacks, we’ll stay!! But as I said on Imshin’s blog, it is going to be very traumatic for the children who were raised there – how can this be explained to them notwithstanding the fact that their lives are far from ‘normal.’ It is all very sad.


3 Michael 02.04.04 at 11:48 AM

Simple strategy: Pull out, wait for the PaleoNazis to shoot missiles at Ashkelon, and then go back in and bulldoze the damn place once and for all.


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