Sharon loses consciousness


Israeli TV is reporting that Ariel Sharon was taken to hospital after suffering what might have been a minor stroke. There don’t seem to be many more details available right now. Updates to follow.

Update: Allison writes:

And Israelis being Israelis, the kidding started. I was at a meeting for my son’s class just after it hit the news and got to bring the news to the room. One of the fathers said, “He was probably unconscious and all they had to do to revive him was stand in front of him and say “Bibi.””

It’s true — the prospect of how happy Bibi Netanyahu is going to be about Sharon’s stroke is the best medicine possible for the Prime Minister.

And Ynet has reports of the initial Palestinian reaction to the news (via Israellycool):

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired celebration shots upon hearing the news of Sharon being taken to hospital for feeling unwell.

A member of the Popular Resistance Committees told Ynet that Sharon fell ill because of the stressed caused by the latest wage of Qassam rockets over the last few days. “God answered our prayers and didn’t disappoint us,” the official said.

Well, it looks like Sharon’s going to be fine, so the terrorists will just have to live with the disappointment.

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1 DaninVan 12.18.05 at 8:59 PM

The only surprise is that he hasn’t had one before now; the guy’s a walking cardiac looking for a time and place.


2 Tré 12.19.05 at 3:00 PM

Its not only terrorists who feel the planet would be better off without those responsible for massacres.


3 segacs 12.19.05 at 3:33 PM

Tre, don’t tell me you’ve fallen victim to the trap of hearing a lie repeated so often that you come to believe it as truth. I expected more from you.

Ariel Sharon was deemed responsible for failing to have adequately forseen the possibility of violence between the refugees and the Phalangist Christians. He wasn’t by any means directly responsible for the massacre itself. Though I realize it doesn’t suit your agenda to make the distinction.


4 DaninVan 12.19.05 at 3:38 PM

Being as how terrorists live for massacres Tre, your statement is as bizzarre as any that are uttered by your pals.


5 cliff from montreal 12.19.05 at 5:04 PM

Tre wouldn’t be happy if she couldn’t propagate the lies that have been brainwashed into her!I expect no less.


6 josh 12.19.05 at 7:36 PM

Why are you ganging up on Tre for? Ariel Sharon is the Arab enemy, of course they should be happy. When Arafat died, when Yassin was killed, when all the other bloody terrorists are killed, we are happy.

As for Sharon, I really do not know what to think. I hope he recovers and leaves the hospital and (since it doesn’t seem that he regrets the bad things he’s done in life including kicking Jews out of their homes) goes to rot on his farm with his sheep until he turns 120.

I am not naive and have no hope that a better politician will come after him.


7 DaninVan 12.19.05 at 7:47 PM

“Why are you ganging up on Tre for?”

It’s a democratic decision Josh. We voted; she lost.


8 Jonny 12.19.05 at 8:10 PM

Sharon is tough, it’ll take more than a stroke to knock him over.


9 Tré 12.20.05 at 5:13 PM

Oh cut the crap, Sari. He let the phalangists in. What the hell do you think he was hoping for? A coffee and nargyle party?


10 cliff from montreal 12.20.05 at 8:03 PM said”Oh cut the crap,” To which I’ll reply..OH Please follow your own advice tre.You are 100% full of it kid!
Your comments here have been ‘fisked ‘to the max yet you persist in repeating the same old rants and blood libels!


11 DaninVan 12.21.05 at 5:51 AM

See Josh; please don’t feed the trolls.


12 Tré 12.21.05 at 5:46 PM

‘Tre, your statement…bizzarre…`

I was going for irony, but you’ve never been much for subtleties Dan.


13 jamal 12.21.05 at 11:25 PM

this man deserves pain and suffering for all the killing he has caused


14 cliff from montreal 12.22.05 at 2:13 AM

pain and suffering ? killing? Please explain?


15 DaninVan 12.23.05 at 5:08 AM

“Subtle” and “irony” ? R.O.F.L!
You going to introduce us to your new friend, Tre?


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