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War on Kenny G.

After all his other spewings, Holocaust denials, and promises to murder millions of Jews, this seems almost droll in comparison:

Hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has banned Western music from Iran’s radio and TV stations, reviving one of the harshest cultural decrees from the early days of 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Songs such as George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” Eric Clapton’s “Rush” and the Eagles’ “Hotel California” have regularly accompanied Iranian broadcasts, as do tunes by saxophonist Kenny G.

But the official IRAN Persian daily reported Monday that Ahmadinejad, as head of Iran’s Supreme Cultural Revolutionary Council, ordered the enactment of an October ruling by the council to ban Western music.

Cause after all, everyone knows that the saxophone stylings of Kenny G. contain hidden Zionist brainwashing propaganda.

Though we may scoff, cultural restrictions are key components of Ahmadinejad’s renewed fanatical war on the West and against any kind of freedom or reform for his people. One only wonders how far he can push before the forces for change in Iran push back.

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  • Jonny 12.19.05, 10:48 PM

    Kenny G? Thats a ban I would support. Wonder if U2 is banned as well?

    There’s a funny scene in Wayne’s World where his sidekick Garth forced to listen to Kenny G, and he imagines himself at the dentist haveing his teeth drilled.

  • DaninVan 12.19.05, 11:26 PM

    That’s it! Beam non-stop videos of Shakira’s latest into Iran; the state will crumble into mass self-abuse…heheheh

  • Jonny 12.20.05, 4:14 AM


    Could combine it with Jewish Commando Barbie

  • DaninVan 12.20.05, 7:12 AM

    Jonny; Uzi or loosee?

  • John Palubiski 12.20.05, 7:25 PM

    They’re banning Kenny G.?

    That’s the last straw….er…..reed in my clarinet!

  • Peter 01.04.06, 12:48 AM

    Typical Muslim behaviour.

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